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University Custom Degrees
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University Custom Degrees

The mod expands the system of education at the university: it adds new subjects, specialties and interaction mechanics. New electives: - Health and medicine; - Music; - Veterinary; - Criminalistics; - Archeology; - Sports culture; - Philosophy; - Sociology; - Ecology; - Photo; - Folklore and mythology; - Digital Humanities. The character can additionally study outside of school hours to improve academic performance. And after training - to become a candidate or doctor of science, plus receive an honorary degree for each title. Candidates and PhDs have the advantage of being able to go to work with an already elevated career level, and more than once. The mod conflicts with any other mods that change the system of education and the university. Set the optional file Zero_University_CustomDegrees_BuyVetClinicRequiresVetDegree to prevent non-veterinarian Sims from buying veterinary clinics.

26 aug 2023 | Ver. 21.08.2023
Ultimate Save
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Ultimate Save

This mod is a large save file without the use of additional CC content. Completely changed the sections of the towns, added decor between locations that the Sim cannot interact with, and generally improved the locations from the standard game. Some areas are in the original design from Maxis, but they are a minority. With each update, the author adds new sections.

26 aug 2023 | Ver. 23.08.2023
Better BuildBuy
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Better BuildBuy

The mod makes the building mode more convenient and functional. Now there's no need to use cheats that had to be entered each time before starting the game. New features and actions: - All objects from the debug menu are available; - Naming for all objects that previously had no name, to make searching easier; - Cloning and destroying objects without restrictions; - Highlighting of mods and CC content in building mode - can be toggled on/off at will; - World objects - access to items used by developers to create towns; - Free camera mode on "Tab"; - Saving settings for the building mode, even if you exit from it; - "Maxis" - hides all Maxis-created (standard) items; - Improved filters for searching; - Ability to upload a room or lot to the Gallery; - Change lighting color and intensity without leaving building mode. Important! Users have pointed out a possible issue: broken or disappeared interface in building mode. To avoid this: - Completely delete the previous version of the mod; - Use only the current version; - Check for conflicting mods in the game using the Mod Conflict Detector.

26 aug 2023 | Ver. 2.11.3
Job Finding!
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  • 237
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Job Finding!

Данный мод для Sims 4 улучшает трудоустройство, делая его более сложным и реалистичным. Вашему персонажу будет необходимо получить навык поиска работы, зарегистрироваться на СимХантере, грамотно составить резюме и научиться проходить собеседования! Если ваш персонаж уже работает, то при поиске другой работы и походе по собеседованиям сим останется в должности. Однако, если вы безработный, то придётся поднапрячься! Здесь, как и в реальной жизни, предпочтение отдаётся не слишком молодым, но и не слишком взрослым соискателям. Мне тоже кажется, что это нечестно, так что, можете попробовать... подать на них в суд, найдя себе хорошего юриста. Результат не гарантирован, но... имейте ввиду, что такая возможность есть. По мере того, как вы будете повышать уровень нахождения работы, вам откроются новые возможности, однако, этого недостаточно. Чтобы устроиться - вам необходимо связаться с компанией, а в дальнейшем, всё будет зависеть только от вас!

26 aug 2023 | Ver. 28.08.2023
Don’t Do That
  • 263
  • 27
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Don’t Do That

Sims often perform autonomous actions, sometimes very annoying and frustrating. All rooms are cluttered with dirty water glasses, teenagers set traps on every piece of furniture, all trash cans are overturned, and children's playhouses are broken. The mod solves this problem and allows you to disable the following autonomous actions: - Breaking toilets for mischief; - Discussing fishing spots; - Chatting on forums; - Drinking from sinks; - Taking drinks and snacks from refrigerators; - Breaking down and disassembling objects; - Automatically making drinks at the bar; - Talking about vampires; - Talking to plants; - Reacting to thermostat jobs; - Breaking dollhouses; - Automatically making popcorn; - Belching and passing gas; - Getting embarrassed at the first kiss; - Kicking and flipping trash bins; - Getting tense during a fire; - Uprooting healthy plants; - Getting up from the table immediately after eating.

23 aug 2023 | Ver. 2.0
Pregnancy Cravings
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  • 34
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Pregnancy Cravings

The mod adds food preferences for your Sims, which will affect their mood and pregnancy experience. What dishes a Sim might crave: - Pizza - Sugar Cookies - Sponge Cake - Fried Cheese - Apple Pie - BLT Sandwich - Garden Salad - Mac and Cheese - Fried Chicken Nuggets - Eggs and Toast - Oatmeal Depending on whether you fulfill the pregnant Sim's cravings, they will either be happy or experience strong discomfort. One specific craving applies throughout all three trimesters.

23 aug 2023 | Ver. 1.0.1
Mental Wellness
  • 533
  • 49
  • 0
Mental Wellness

The mod introduces psychological disorders that a Sim can acquire. Before treatment, the condition must be diagnosed by a doctor, and only then can the character begin taking medication. Added disorders: - Depression: The character will constantly be in a sad mood and cry; - Anxiety disorder: Intense discomfort is followed by panic attacks. Taking pills can lead to two effects: dizziness or calmness; - Attention deficit syndrome: Boredom is replaced by bursts of energy and excitement; - Borderline personality disorder: The character's mood unpredictably changes: discomfort, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc.; - Post-traumatic stress disorder: Similar to the previous diagnosis, the character's emotions constantly shift, and they are more easily startled. Characters can visit a psychotherapist, discuss their diagnosis with other Sims to receive support and a positive moodlet.

23 aug 2023 | Ver. 1.0.2
Werewolves Mod
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Werewolves Mod

The mod author has enhanced the werewolves from the original expansion, renaming them to "lycans," and also introduced new interactions and capabilities. What's been added: - Lycans - new occult characters; - New items in CAS (Create-a-Sim); - Three forms of lycan transformation; - New unique item: Moon Amber; - New skill: Lycanthropy; - Ability to turn an existing character into a lycan using cheat codes; - Previously created werewolves remain - you can invite them to packs, form alliances, and even conceive hybrid children; - Special relationships: "Sire/Progenitor," if a werewolf or lycan turned a Sim; - The ability to learn the history of lycans from the occult professor; - Werewolves/lycans can eat raw meat even in their human form. In contrast to werewolves, lycans can shift forms at any time, but the process is much more painful. Both werewolves and lycans transform humans into their kind through a bite. Werewolves inject a virus, while lycans use poison. In the installation folder, there are Tray files for the character Thatcher Wolfe. He is an occult professor whom you can contact by phone or computer to learn about the origin of lycans. Add him to the game at your discretion. If you don't install the files, the game will automatically assign any non-playable character to the role of the professor. If you don't have the "Werewolves" expansion, the mod will still work and only add lycans.

23 aug 2023 | Ver. 19.08.2023
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