The first reviews from critics for Starfield appeared

1 sep 2023 at 0:05

According to OpenCritic, the average score for the game Starfield has risen to a record-breaking 88/100. The score hasn't surpassed this mark so far. Critics' recommendations have reached 94%.

Below are ratings from popular websites and magazines by top critics. 


The top-tier information website IGN had a positive take on Starfield but didn't raise its score, leaving it at 7/10. The author noted the diversity of quests and the combat system.

"Even after around 70 hours of gameplay, there are main questlines I haven't even touched."

PC Gamer

The international game magazine gave a score of 75/100. However, the review turned out to be mixed:

"Starfield shares a lot with Skyrim and Fallout 4, but ultimately falls short of both."

The author expressed clear disappointment and expected more from the game.


A journalist from GamesRadar highlighted that the game's main advantage is its practical freedom.

"With such freedom, 'avoiding the main mission' is the main mission."

According to the author, he spent most of his time in the building mode and got "stuck" there for a whole 6 hours – there are so many interesting tools available to players. Hence the high score of 5/5.

Game Informer

The American magazine rated Starfield quite highly, at 85/100.

"Start the game with the expectation that it will take time to get accustomed to such a vast game space."


According to the GameSpot author, Starfield didn't bring anything radically new to space games, as was expected of it.

"Starfield is undeniably impressive in its scale: from the vast number of star systems and planets you can explore to the mechanics that tie the gameplay together. But once you start to understand how all these ideas are interconnected from a narrative and technical standpoint, the illusion of a great cosmic journey will shatter... there are moments that impress with their scale, engaging battles, and a few worthwhile side quests, but the RPG system and an unimpressive vision of space create a journey that's a mile wide but only an inch deep."

Therefore, the game received a deserved average score of 7/10.


Destructoid awarded a perfect score of 10/10, noting:

"... Bethesda has managed to raise the bar for sandbox games even higher. Starfield is an epic open-world RPG with a beautiful immersive universe, a captivating story, and fun and engaging gameplay."


The globally renowned business magazine also didn't stay behind, rating the game at 9.5/10.

"... if you wanted a giant RPG from Bethesda set in space, with the best combat, a ton of time to level up, build objects, explore, and find secrets, then yes, this is it. They've done it. Enjoy."

The reviews were diverse but generally positive. Therefore, we can expect the game's release on September 6th. 

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