What the Earth looks like in Starfield: the first shots of the planets of the Milky Way

31 aug 2023 at 23:26

The first screenshots of several Milky Way planets in Starfield have become available: Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Moon. 

Mercury is the smallest among them. Due to its proximity to the Sun, it appears brighter and is colored in shades of orange. 

Venus is the most scorching planet, a fact that is vividly demonstrated in the footage as well. 

A distinct feature of Mars is the constant presence of dust in the air and dusty storms. 

Earth has turned into a barren planet devoid of signs of life, not much different from Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Clear indications include partially destroyed abandoned structures, buried in sand and rocks. 

The Moon, Earth's satellite, appears darker in comparison to the other planets.

Structures and space bases are observed on all the planets. 

Author: victory

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