All endings in Starfield: how to get

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In Starfield, there is a single ending but many different endings influenced by the player's choices throughout the storyline. Upon entering Unity, you will encounter a copy of yourself, learn about the fate of companions, factions, and the Universe as a whole. 

In this guide, we will discuss which choices specifically affect the plot and how many endings exist in Starfield at the moment.

What Endings Are There in Starfield

In Starfield, there are 3 main endings that depend on which side of the Starborn you align with in the finale. You can influence them during the "Revelation" mission:

  • Side with The Emissary (The Emissary) and fight The Hunter – you will get the Unmitigated Violence laser rifle.
  • Side with The Hunter and fight The Emissary – you will get the Eternity’s Gate laser rifle.
  • Stay neutral and do not support either side. Here the choice also branches out: either use Speech to leave the Starborn alive and obtain all artifacts or kill both.

If you kill both Starborn, you will receive both laser rifles.

Despite the information from various sources, there is no true or "best" ending in Starfield. However, siding with The Emissary is often considered "good," while siding with The Hunter is seen as "bad." The Emissary is more just and virtuous, while The Hunter is more ruthless and selfish, but they share the same goals.

The Emissary Ending

By agreeing to cooperate with The Emissary, at the Temple on the way to Unity, you will face The Hunter. According to the ending's plot, the Starborn have become more tolerant and now collaborate with humans to find a common path to Unity. The Emissary will remain in your original Universe and help humans.

The Hunter Ending

If you side with The Hunter, you will meet him in Unity. It turns out that he has been reborn and continues to explore the Universe in search of artifacts. There will be significant piles of human corpses at his feet.

Neutral Ending

If you do not choose either side, the Starborn can no longer interfere in human life, and humans are free to find their path to Unity. No one will be waiting for you at the Temple.


To get the ending of one of the factions, you must complete all of its storyline quests. For example, if you actively cooperate with the United Colonies, you will learn that in the end, the Crimson Fleet faction has completely ceased to exist.

In all endings, you will learn the fate of the Constellation faction, as you default to it at the start of the game.

Note that this is not an ending option but one of the additions that an alternative version of the main character will tell you about, just like with the fate of the companion.

Companions' Fates

You will learn about the fate of the closest companions – not necessarily romantic interests and spouses but also close friends.

Is Obtaining an Ending Mandatory?

You can delay the jump to Unity until a convenient moment and continue exploring your Universe.

If you have already entered Unity, turn around and go in the opposite direction. In this case, the alternative version of the hero will tell you that you can leave, but he will be waiting for you here when you are ready to accept the fate of the Starborn.

Immediately after the final scene with the fate of the main character and the Universe, you can continue the game in a new reality in New Game + mode. Choose a new destiny for your character and travel through multiple Universes, trying different endings and continuing the search for all artifacts.

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