How to distribute weapons into groups on a ship in Starfield

15 sep 2023 at 14:49

In Starfield, you can assign a group to each weapon on your ship to have quick access to them by pressing a specific button. This simplifies space combat and overall ship management.

In this guide, we will explain how to use this feature and where you can assign a group for weapons.

How to Assign Weapon Groups in Starfield

Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Find one of the Ship Services Technicians in major cities like Akila, New Atlantic, Neon, Cydonia, Paradiso, and others. Typically, they can be found near the landing area or in the city center in thematic locations like the Spaceport;
  2. Talk to the technician and select the phrase: "I'd like to view and modify my ships."
  3. Immediately after that, a viewing menu will open where you can change the ship's name, add modifications, upgrades, and more;
  4. Select the "Ship Builder" function, then "Flight Check."
  5. Go to the "Weapons" tab, where you will see 3 slots: W0, W1, W2, which correspond to Weapon 1, Weapon 2, Weapon 3, respectively;
  6. Under each slot, there will be an available list of weapons that you can assign to that slot. Simply click on the desired weapon name.

That's it. The most challenging part you might encounter is figuring out where exactly to set up the weapon group. You can also change the order with any ship technician in each of the specified cities.

If you forget to assign weapons to a group, a corresponding warning will appear in the modification menu, indicating that the ship cannot take off.
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