Starfiield developers explain why there are a lot of empty planets in the game

6 sep 2023 at 13:58

In Starfield, there are over 1000 planets, and among them, many are completely empty, devoid of any flora and fauna - only terrain. Players have wondered about the significance of such scale if the locations are not filled with anything. Developers provided an official comment on this topic. 

Executive Director - Ashley Cheng, shared the opinion that such scale in Starfield allows the player to feel like a truly small person in a vast space. Just like in real life, some planets are completely barren - this is about realism, not boredom or laziness of the developers. 

The head of the project - Todd Howard, did not stay aside either. According to him, the team had the option to create only a few main locations and planets, but that wouldn't convey the atmosphere of space and infinity. Even before the official release, developers officially confirmed that only 10% of the total number would be accessible for exploration. 

Reminder, that on September 6 at 3:00 AM MSK, the official release of Starfield took place on PC and Xbox. On the same day, the game entered the Xbox subscription service - Game Pass

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