Beowulf Rifle in Starfield: how to get, characteristics

10 sep 2023 at 11:45

In the realm of Starfield, the Beowulf emerges as a standard light assault rifle favored by members of the United Colonies faction, complementing the Grendel seamlessly.

Characteristics of beowulf in starfield

Categorized as a rifle, the Beowulf rifle inflicts a damage value of 36, predominantly of the physical type. It boasts a rate of fire of 50, making it a formidable choice for combat scenarios.

Drawing inspiration from the eponymous Old English poem, the Beowulf rifle showcases a bullpup design, signifying its classification as a lightweight assault rifle. Equipped with a 30-round magazine, it excels as a mid to long-range weapon, catering to the needs of Spacefarers.

While its fire rate may not match that of its Grendel counterpart, which also pays homage to the Beowulf poem, the Beowulf compensates admirably with heightened damage output and enhanced accuracy.

How to get Beowulf in Starfield

You can obtain the Beowulf in Starfield through several methods:

  • Find it as loot from containers (both basic and modified variants).
  • Obtain it as loot from defeated enemies.
  • Discover it in certain locations.
  • Purchase it from certain traders.
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