How to get Daedra Heart in Skyrim Special Edition

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Daedra Hearts are a rather rare resource in Skyrim SE that is usually used to obtain high-level gear. They are essential for crafting Daedric armor, which is one of the most visually appealing and powerful armor sets in the game. Therefore, it is crucial to know where you can acquire as many Daedra Hearts as possible.

Daedra Hearts in Quests

Note: Pay close attention when completing the quests described below, as you can obtain Daedra Hearts while doing so!

There are a total of three quests where you can easily obtain Daedra Hearts. While you can acquire them in other circumstances, these quests are particularly important because either you won't be able to return to these locations later to obtain the hearts, or it will be more difficult to do so. Be attentive when completing these quests.

1. During the quest "The Azura's Star", you can obtain a total of three Daedra Hearts. While progressing through the quest, you enter the star itself, where Daedra attack you. After defeating them, make sure to search their bodies. There are three Daedra in total, and you can obtain a heart from each of them. Make sure to loot them before killing the mage, Valynor Maran. If you kill the mage, you will be teleported back from the star and won't be able to return for the hearts.

2. In the quest "Walking Nightmare," you can also acquire several hearts regardless of your level. To do so, search the shelves in the Vermine's room. You will find two hearts there.

3. "Pieces of the Past" is a fascinating quest that allows you to obtain a large number of Daedra Hearts and provides a permanent source for acquiring them. The source will be inaccessible until you complete this quest. During the quest, you can acquire five hearts in total. The first heart drops from the corpse of one of the keepers of Mehrunes' Razor - Drascua. Then, as you progress through the quest, you enter the Shrine of Dagon, where you are asked to kill Silus, the person who gave you the quest. Agree to kill him, do so, and then Dagon betrays you, summoning two dremora to kill you. Defeat these dremora and take the hearts from their bodies. You now have three Daedra Hearts. Next, pick up the key to the shrine from the corpses and enter it. There, two more dremora attack you. Kill them, take their hearts, and find many treasures, potions, and more in the location. Now you have five hearts.

Tip: Now you have an infinite source of Daedra Hearts. Every 10 days, you can return to the Shrine of Mehrunes' Razor. Two dremora will respawn, and by killing them, you can obtain their hearts. Two hearts every 10 days is a considerable amount.

Other Ways to Obtain Daedra Hearts

Naturally, the above methods are far from being the limit, as there are many other ways to obtain Daedra hearts in Skyrim Special Edition.

Where to Guaranteed Find Daedra Hearts

1. If you come across Blackreach, enter Sinderion's Field Laboratory. In one of the cabinets there, you will find a guaranteed Daedra heart.

2. Right at the beginning of the game, you can obtain one heart by heading to Whiterun. Then, enter the Companions' base - Jorrvaskr, and further proceed to their basement and the room of their leader, Kodlak. There, on Kodlak's table, you will find one Daedra heart that you can easily take and use for your purposes.

Warning: However, there is one very important point here. If you have not completed the Companions' questline, you can visit Kodlak's office every 10 days and take a heart. However, after completing the questline, the hearts will no longer respawn.

3. Head to the location called "The White Phial." It is an alchemical shop in Windhelm, in the market district. There, you can embark on an interesting quest, and in this location, you can easily find 2 hearts right on the first level.

4. Location: "Hall of the Vigilant." There, you can find one Daedra heart, but only once.

Warning: Here, too, there is a very important feature. You won't be able to obtain the heart after the Hall of the Vigilant is destroyed, which happens in the Dawnguard DLC. So, it's better to go there at the early levels and take the heart; otherwise, you won't be able to get it at all.

5. Head to the College of Winterhold. There is a basement called The Midden, and you reach it through the College of Winterhold questline. However, you can access it from the early levels without completing almost any quests. There, you will have to summon a unique NPC - a Dremora, who is also a pirate. After killing him, you will be able to pick up his heart. The Dremora's name is Velek Sain.

6. During the quest involving searching for Valerica, in the room where the portal to the Soul Cairn is located, you can find one heart.

7. The last known guaranteed place to search is the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, specifically the prison area. You'll have to steal this heart. Head to the prison warden's room, continue to the underground prison, and steal one heart from a chest.

Where to Buy Daedra Hearts in Skyrim SE

Of course, Daedra hearts can also be purchased, but usually, the item appears at merchants only at high levels. Let's consider the places where Daedra hearts are sold:

1. Almost all alchemical shops will offer Daedra hearts for sale. However, to access them, you first need to reach level 25 and wait for the merchants' inventory to refresh (wait for a few days and visit the shop).

Tip: You can use a bug. Simply create a quicksave, attack the merchant, let them attack you, reload the quicksave, and that's it - the shop's inventory is refreshed!

2. Enthir from the College of Winterhold will most likely sell Daedra hearts. He has only 2 hearts in stock, and with a certain probability, after the inventory refreshes, you will be able to buy these hearts again. You can use the aforementioned bug to constantly refresh Enthir's inventory.

3. In Riverwood, there is a merchant named Orgnar located in the inn. With a certain probability, he will sell you one Daedra heart.

In addition, the higher the player's level, the greater the chance of finding Daedra hearts in the game world or finding them for sale. So, over time, you will accumulate an adequate amount of hearts. However, by using the methods mentioned above, you can already have a significant number of Daedra hearts in Skyrim SE right from the beginning of the game.

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