Skyrim Guide: How to Get Infinite Shouts Without Installing Mods

20 aug 2021 at 23:11

One of the main features of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the Thu'um. It is the ability of the main character, possessed as the Dragonborn. Shouts help in many situations, but they take too long to recharge. And the more powerful and complex the shout, the longer its cooldown.

This is not satisfactory for many game fans, so several mods have been created for Skyrim that allow unlimited use of shouts. However, not all gamers like to play with mods. Especially for them, here is a compilation of methods that will allow the infinite use of shouts without modifications.


The first option is a leveled Alchemy skill. This possibility is related to a bug in the game. Interestingly, the developers are aware of it but don't rush to fix it. As a result, players have the opportunity to exploit a technique with restoration skill enhancement.

To do this, it is necessary to cast a spell on armor using Restoration magic. Due to a flaw in the game's mechanics, the enchantments will be active as long as the hero wears the enchanted armor.

Skill Training

The skill can be leveled up in two ways: fast and slow. If you want to get unlimited shouts as quickly as possible, it's best to seek the services of skill trainers. However, this won't be free. If you're reluctant to pay, you can learn on your own without external assistance. However, it's important to remember that acquiring shouts will require a significant investment of time. If you're short on time, you'll have to turn to Arcadia in Whiterun.

She not only trades potions and ingredients but also teaches the Alchemy skill. You can find her at "Arcadia's Cauldron" alchemy shop in Whiterun. Simply pay, and Arcadia will raise the character's skill to 40. Thanks to the training, the Dragonborn will gain the following useful abilities:

  • Alchemist: Enhances the effects of poisons and potions by 20-80%.
  • Benefactor: Increases the efficiency of potions by 25%.

Finding the Amulet of Talos

Next, the player needs to find the Amulet of Talos. If the main character wears it, shout cooldowns will be reduced by 20%. There are several ways to obtain this valuable amulet:

  • Find it in a random chest.
  • Take it off the body of one of the Forsworn Briarhearts when completing quests for the Imperial Legion.
  • Go to Fort Dawnguard. The amulet is located in one of the towers. It will take some effort to find it, but there's a clue. The amulet is located next to the book "Fallacies of the Dwemer".
  • Steal it. The amulet is possessed by many characters in the game. Guards and Talos worshipers are the ones who usually have it.
  • Complete the quest "The Blessings of Nature" and receive the amulet from Svana.
  • Find the pilgrim Karita on the way to the Shrine of Talos. You can either kill her and take the amulet or simply take it. But if Karita is alive, she will send a bandit gang after the hero.

Finding the "Fortify Skill: Alchemy" Enchantment

After acquiring the Amulet of Talos, it is necessary to find the "Fortify Skill: Alchemy" enchantment. Additionally, to exploit the bug, four Grand Soul Gems will be needed. Finding them early in the game is quite challenging. The gems can be found for sure in Dawnstar (a chest near the mine entrance) and south of Markarth (next to a Khajiit merchant).

Next, the player needs to gather items with the required enchantments. There are several options available, but let's focus on the simplest ones:

  • Complete the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy". To do this, the hero needs to go to Markarth. Here, the merchant Muiri will ask for help. Agree and fulfill her task. As a reward, the hero will receive a ring that enhances the effects of potions by 15%.
  • Go on a mission for Frida from Dawnstar to a dungeon. In this location, the Purest Mix Ring needs to be found. It enhances the effects of potions by 12%.
  • Visit "Radiant Raiment" in Solitude. The store is located in the city. Inside, the hero must purchase equipment with the desired effect. To ensure finding it, it is recommended to save before viewing the items. If the desired equipment is not available, load the save and try again. Repeat this process until the desired equipment appears in the list.

Creating a Special Potion

Now, the enchantments must be removed from the acquired items to obtain the "Fortify Skill: Alchemy" enchantments. They are needed to create the glitched potion. When everything is ready, the following items should be enchanted:

  • Ring.
  • Gloves.
  • Helmet.
  • Necklace.

Now, the Dragonborn should equip the enchanted items and start crafting a potion of "Fortify Restoration". For this, salt and an Abecean Longfin are required. All of this can be obtained from Arcadia in Whiterun.

Now the hero needs to unequip all the enchanted items and drink the potion. After that, they should equip them again. If done correctly, the next time the hero creates a "Fortify Restoration" potion, it will be much more effective than the first one. This procedure can be repeated until a potion with a 500% Restoration effect is obtained. There is no need to continue increasing it for several reasons. Firstly, it will be sufficient for infinite shouts. Secondly, excessive enhancement may negatively affect the potion's effectiveness and render it useless.

To use the shouts infinitely, it is necessary to drink the potion and wear the amulet. It's important to remember that it's better to create multiple potions at once. During the course of the game's storyline, the character will have to part with all the contents of their inventory several times. Therefore, it's best to keep a supply of potions rather than crafting them anew each time.

Vampire Lord or Werewolf Form

Another clever method, often unknown even to true fans of the TES series. This option is slightly more complicated than the first one but does not require leveling up the Alchemy skill or spending skill points on necessary perks.

Four Amulets of Talos

First, the hero needs to find four more amulets. The methods of obtaining them are not important. The main thing is for the hero to have the required number of items.

Joining one of the Factions

To exploit the bug with infinite shouts, it is necessary to join one of the factions: The Companions or the Volkihar Clan. This is necessary to learn the transformation abilities of either the Werewolf or the Vampire Lord. The player can choose the faction according to their preference. There is no significant difference, although obtaining the Werewolf form is much easier.

Once the Dragonborn has learned the transformation, they will need a companion. Finding one in the game is not difficult. Skyrim has enough NPCs who are willing to become the hero's companions. It is easiest to approach mercenaries, who ask for 500 septims for their services.

Proper Interaction with the Companion

Now it's time to act. The Dragonborn, along with their companion, should move away from other characters. This is very important because after the transformation, the hero will attract the attention of citizens and guards, who may become aggressive towards them.

Once in a deserted place, the player needs to open the dialogue window with the companion. Then they must act quickly. The player needs to press the transformation button and, while the dialogue window is still open, offer the companion to exchange items. If done correctly, all five Amulets of Talos will be placed in the companion's inventory.

Final Step

Now the Amulets of Talos are with the companion. It is necessary to equip the items on the Dragonborn directly from the companion's inventory. The reason is that in this case, the bug is activated, allowing the hero to wear all five amulets simultaneously. Since each item provides a 20% cooldown reduction for shouts, the result is a 100% reduction in shout recovery time.

The amulets can continue to be worn even after the form's effect expires. Moreover, a similar bug can be exploited with other items as well.

By using these clever methods, infinite shouts can be obtained. Thanks to them, fighting powerful enemies will be much easier.

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