How to get married in Skyrim Special Edition

1 jan 2021 at 16:51

Skyrim Special Edition is an amazing game with a lot of possibilities. The game features a marriage system where you can get married and create your own family. Of course, this system is not perfect as it is just an additional pleasant mechanic in the game and not the main focus. There is a fairly large list of characters you can marry, and same-sex marriages are also implemented in the game. 

So, the most important thing to do before getting married is to befriend the character and help them as an NPC. Most characters who are unmarried and ask for your help can later become your life partner. If people like you and don't have a life partner, that's a good sign. Most likely, you can propose to marry them (or accept a proposal, depending on the character's gender), and then the whole process will unfold. Here is a detailed instruction on how to get married in Skyrim SE:

1. Find a suitable candidate and help the character (if there is a quest) to become friends;

2. Look for the Amulet of Mara in the game world. The easiest way is to go to the Riften tavern or the Temple of Mara in Riften, talk to the priests there, and purchase the amulet from them;

3. Put on the Amulet of Mara, approach the NPC you want to marry, and if a new dialogue option appears, it means the character is available for marriage;

4. Discuss marriage with your chosen partner, and a new quest will start where you need to go to the Temple of Mara in the city of Riften and discuss the wedding with the priests there;

5. The priest will tell you when to come for your own wedding;

6. Attend the wedding ceremony and then make a choice - you can refuse to get married when the priest asks if you agree, or you can agree and finalize the marriage;

7. Congratulations! Now you need to discuss with your spouse where you will live. If you have a house, you can suggest moving there. If you don't have a house, your life partner can invite you to live in their home. 

Tip: With the Hearthfire DLC, you can adopt a child, build your own house, and move there with your spouse and children to create a complete family. But we'll talk about that in another article!
Advantages of Marriage in Skyrim SE

There are several advantages to getting married. For example, you won't be alone anymore. Of course, that's not all. Your spouse can also become your follower under certain circumstances, protecting you. And that's not all. Your partner will cook delicious food for you, which provides various bonuses and is essential in survival mode and with certain mods. 

But that's not all either. Sooner or later, your spouse may decide to open a shop in your home (with your permission) and share the income with you, making it a good way to become financially independent. 

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