The most interesting secondary quests in Skyrim Special Edition #1

3 nov 2020 at 19:39

Skyrim Special Edition is an incredibly captivating game with a very interesting main storyline, intriguing factions, well-written dialogues, numerous enemies, gameplay possibilities, and much more. Among all of this, the game offers a vast number of additional quests. Some of them are quite standard: fetch quests, kill quests, steal quests, retrieve quests, punish quests. However, the game also includes a large number of interesting quests that are just as engaging as the main storyline. Today, we will explore three such quests.

'Til Death Do Us Part - Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood itself is a highly interesting faction. Essentially, it is a guild of assassins whose members carry out contracts for murders. The history of this faction is very intriguing, and in Skyrim SE, we see a weakened Brotherhood that was once truly great but was brought to its current state due to betrayal in TES IV: Oblivion. Despite this, the Dark Brotherhood still offers incredibly interesting quests. As we progress through the faction's storyline, we reach the quest "'Til Death Do Us Part," where we are tasked with sabotaging a wedding by killing the bride, who also happens to be the cousin of the Emperor of Cyrodiil. The goal of the assassination is to lure the Emperor to Skyrim, allowing the Dragonborn to eliminate him once and for all.

But what makes this quest appealing? There are several factors. First, it is one of the most diverse quests in terms of execution. It offers various options for assassinating the Emperor's cousin. You can simply engage in a direct confrontation, or you can follow the advice of one of the Dark Brotherhood members, acquire a unique bow, and shoot her from a safe distance. Afterwards, a Dark Brotherhood assassin will come to your aid, providing a few minutes to escape Solitude. And that's not all. Many players are unaware that they can break the statue above Vittoria's head when she is delivering her speech on the balcony, causing it to fall and kill her. This creates the illusion of an accident. The aforementioned options are not the only ways to kill Vittoria, and we will discuss the alternatives in a separate article.

There are also several interesting factors related to the wedding itself. It turns out that Vittoria is not particularly fond of the Emperor. Despite being relatives, in Vittoria's words:

Emperor? This esteemed relative couldn't be bothered to attend his own cousin's wedding. What a disgrace!

But what about Vittoria herself? Does she truly love her groom, or is it merely a political marriage to establish peace between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion? The answer is clear - it's the latter. Although the groom genuinely loves Vittoria, she is not as sweet and harmless as she seems. As it turns out, she is cheating on her fiancé. This can be discovered by following Vittoria at night, sneaking into her house (on the second floor). There, we witness her sleeping with a completely unknown man. That's the bride who must meet her end at the hands of the Dark Brotherhood!

Arniel's Endeavor - Winterhold College

Surprisingly, many players overlook this quest. It is one of the few quests that may not be particularly interesting during its execution, but it has an incredibly intriguing outcome. By completing this quest, we witness the instantaneous disappearance of the Dwemer race as a whole, and we also receive a unique dagger at the end. It all starts rather uninterestingly - Arniel Gane of the Winterhold College asks us to help him with some secret project and requests that we bring him a rare ingredient - Dwemer cogs, which can be found in dangerous and abandoned Dwemer cities and ruins inhabited by dangerous Falmer and Dwemer mechanical creatures.

Throughout the quest, we have to run back and forth, begging for items from Enthir (a merchant who sells not entirely legal items in the Winterhold College), helping Enthir so that he can assist us, and so on. In the end, we obtain special soul gems, venture into Dwemer ruins, charge the soul gems, and then deliver them separately to Arniel Gane. All of this is done to find out what happened to the Dwemer. However, the story doesn't end there.

After a certain time, Arniel is ready to show us the results of the experiment. We go with him to see what comes out of it, and we see - after several attempts to strike the unique soul gem with a unique dagger - an explosion occurs, after which Arniel Gane simply disappears, and the unique dagger falls to the floor. We can only guess where Arniel has gone. However, it becomes clear that the Dwemer used this very method to vanish as a race. After completing the quest, we receive a unique, powerful, and beautiful dagger - Keening, and a powerful spell of conjuration - Summon Arniel Gane, which allows us to summon the spectral form of our colleague who disappeared as a result of this experiment.

Eternal Rest - the city of Morthal

In the cities of Skyrim, you can often meet interesting NPCs who will tell you something intriguing or give you some additional quests. When we first arrive in Morthal, we immediately learn that a house recently burned down in this city. Unfortunately, this fire did not go without victims, and Helgi, the girl who owned the house, perished. However, no one believes that it was simply an accident. Everyone thinks that it was the girl's father who set the house on fire and killed his own child. It is very cruel and simply disgusting! But the story is much more interesting and terrifying than it may seem at first glance.

After nightfall, the ghost of the child appears, from whom we can learn many interesting facts and find out what really happened. P.S. If you just stand next to Helgi's ghost without talking to her, she will start humming a very familiar song from a well-known cartoon - "Crocodile Gena". Let's get back to the quest. It turns out that dangerous vampires are involved in this case, who not only have infiltrated the city and mingled with the crowd but also have a huge lair not far from the city, and their leader is one of the most powerful vampires in history - Movarth. We have to kill this monster.

But what about Helgi, her father Hroggar, and the vampires in the city? Let's start with the fact that it turns out that the girl's father is under the control of the vampire Alva, who orchestrated the fire. When we go to her house to search and find out who is responsible for the death of the girl and her mother, the girl's father - Hroggar - guards the house. And here's the most interesting part. Many players simply kill him and move on. However, if we go through this location stealthily and do not kill Hroggar, after completing the quest, we can meet him in the city as a peaceful NPC. He will thank us for saving his life and tell us that he was under the vampire's spell and couldn't resist her orders.

What about Movarth - this terrible monster, as it turns out, not only took the lives of an entire family and left poor Hroggar without a wife and daughter, but he also planned to attack and seize Morthal, and it was we who prevented it. Praise the Dragonborn!

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