How to unlock the Hermit's Cave in Lies of P

23 sep 2023 at 8:27

Hermit's Cave is one of the locations in the world of Lies of P, and it's a secret area that you won't be able to access just by following the storyline. You might encounter difficulties in gaining access to this location, so in this guide, we have provided detailed instructions on how to find out how to access the hidden Hermit's Cave.

How to Access Hermit's Cave: Instructions

Follow the path below:

  • Head to the Barren Swamp Bridge, where you will find yourself during one of the story missions.
  • Turn right from the Stargazer and proceed to the gates, behind which you'll find Hermit's Cave;
  • Next to the gates, talk to NPC Hugo. He will try to persuade you that you can pass through the gates by constantly talking to him. But that's not the case. In reality, you need to do a bit more;
  • Keep talking to Hugo until the last phrase. On the last phrase, you will receive a Cryptic Vessel. There are a total of 6 of them in the game;
  • Return to Hotel Krat and give the Cryptic Vessel to NPC Venigni;
  • Afterwards, no special actions are required. Simply progress through the story until Chapter 9, when you encounter swordsmen on Collapsed Street;
  • Looking around at the top of the building, you will discover a fire-breathing marionette. To reach it, you need to jump down. Proceed to the chest next to it and obtain the Special Krat Supply Box inside;
  • The found box needs to be brought to Polendina by returning to Hotel Krat;
  • Go to the store menu and buy a Rusty Cryptic Vessel. You need to give this to Venigni;

After that, you can return to Hugo. The gates will be open, and you'll be able to explore the location.

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