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Easy Mode (Original Hidden Settings)
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Easy Mode (Original Hidden Settings)

Enables the built-in "easy" mode in Lies Of P, where enemies deal 2 times less damage (AI does not change). This mode was created by the developers, but is not available in the original game, but with this mod the easy mode will be activated by default. 3 versions available: - Main version (via main link). Opponents deal 2 times less damage, AI is not affected; - AI-Boost Off (in additional files). Opponents become less aggressive; - AI-Boost Off + Easy Mode. Opponents are less aggressive + deal 2 times less damage. Select only one of the modes! Installation path (Steam): ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Lies of P\LiesofP\Content\Paks Installation path (GamePass): \XboxGames\Lies of P\Content\LiesofP\Content\Paks

10 oct 2023 | Ver.