All endings in Lies of P

23 sep 2023 at 11:45

Lies of P – a new computer Action-RPG in the soulslike genre from developers Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, released on PC and consoles on September 19, 2023. Despite the game being available worldwide for less than a week, users have already explored all the available endings.

In this guide, you will learn about all the storyline ending options in Lies of P and how to unlock them. 

All Endings and How to Unlock Them

According to the game's storyline, you will need to explore the city of Krat in search of the creator of Pinocchio – Geppetto. The ending depends on whether you chose to answer with lies or truth more often in dialogues with characters. The final choice will also be determined by your conversation with Geppetto, whom you will eventually find.

There are a total of 3 unique endings.

Ending "Rise of P"

The main condition for obtaining this ending is to lie throughout the entire game. Choose dishonest answers in dialogues with characters as often as possible.

After the battle with Simon Manus, descend to the arena using the elevator and talk to Geppetto. He will express joy at your presence and mention that you have done a tremendous job in finding him. In return, he is willing to make Pinocchio a "real boy" using the accumulated Ergo and the Hand of God that you will receive after defeating Simon.

Geppetto's offer may tempt the main character, but it's not that simple. Transforming into a real human will come at a high cost – giving up Pinocchio's heart.

For Geppetto's question, you can choose two options:

  • Refuse – relevant for this ending;
  • Give heart – for the ending "Free from the puppet string."

To obtain the "Rise of P" ending, be sure to choose to refuse.

Geppetto will not be pleased with your answer and will use his power to animate the final boss – Nameless Puppet

After the victory, a cutscene will appear: despite his power, Pinocchio cannot completely defeat the Puppet and is on the brink of death. Geppetto sacrifices himself to save Pinocchio. In turn, Pinocchio attempts to finish off the Puppet, but Geppetto ultimately gives up his life, apologizes to Pinocchio, and the battle ends. 

Afterward, you can interact with Sophia to revive her using Ergo energy.  

Next, the credits will roll, after which you can continue the game and earn the achievement "The Story of the Blue Butterfly." To do this, return to Geppetto's office and read the letter.

Ending "Free from the Puppet String"

To obtain this ending, you need to act in the opposite manner: always tell the truth and never lie.

After defeating Laxasia in the Arche Abbey, talk to Sophia and save her life. In the dialogue with her, you will have several options:

  • Let her live – necessary for obtaining the ending;
  • Give her peace – do not choose this option.

Be sure to leave Sophia alive, and then fight Simon as per the storyline. In the final conversation with Simon, when he asks about Sophia's fate, choose the answer: "I liberated from Arche Abbey."

After the battle, meet Geppetto again, listen to his unchanged offer to become a boy, and refuse to give the heart. Due to your choice of truth over lies, Geppetto will not reconcile with Pinocchio and will insult him before his final demise.  

Ending "Real Boy: They all lived happily ever after"

Here, the choice between lies and truth is not as crucial, but we still recommend choosing lies more often to unlock more rewards and make the game more varied.  

"Real Boy" is the only ending for which you need to accept Geppetto's offer and agree to give up the heart.

Fight Simon, go down to the inventor, and agree to the deal. Geppetto will come to embrace Pinocchio and tear the heart out of his chest. In essence, Pinocchio dies, and the bloodied, smiling Geppetto gives his son Carlo the heart to resurrect him.  

It is considered that this ending is the worst, as hinted by the final phrase during the black screen: "Is this truly the future you're wanted?"

You can only achieve one ending per playthrough. Therefore, if you want to see all possible variations, you will have to start a new game.

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