How to resurrect Gale in Baldur's Gate 3 and is it worth it?

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Gale is a game character and one of the possible companions in Baldur's Gate 3. Like any other companion, Gale can die in the heat of battle, losing all of his health points. Immediately after his death, a holographic copy or spirit of the character will appear in his place.

Dead Gale will inform you that it is urgent to resurrect him - it is a matter of life and death. If you do not do this within 2 in-game days, the world will cease to exist. 

A quest called "In Case Of Death" will appear in your quest list, during which you need to perform the ritual according to Gale's instructions.

Resurrection Ritual for Gale

Immediately after Gale's death, a bag will appear on his body, which you need to interact with. Follow these instructions:

  • Loot the bag (Gale's Pouch) from Gale's corpse and take the bag;
  • Opening the bag is not so simple - it will be tied with 3 threads of different colors: purple, red, and yellow. To open the bag, you need to pull the purple thread counterclockwise;
  • In the bag, take the flute and a note. The note will contain musical notes that you need to play on the flute. Read the notes clockwise, starting from the bottom right corner;
  • Take the flute and choose an action to play the melody. Play the notes in the following sequence: "D - E - A - D";
  • Once you play the melody correctly, a winged creature - a demon - will appear before you;
  • Give Gale's letter to the demon, selecting the response option: "K'ha ssji'trach'ash". The creature will turn the letter into a scroll of True Resurrection. Use it to bring Gale back to life.

Immediately after the ritual, Gale will resurrect, and the quest will be successfully completed.

Other Methods

The ritual is not a mandatory condition for resurrecting Gale. You can use other methods provided in the game:

  • Use a scroll or the "Revivify" spell;
  • Seek help from NPC Withers, who is located in your camp and can resurrect deceased companions.

What Happens If You Don't Resurrect Gale

If for some reason you decide not to resurrect the companion, the game will automatically end after a certain time. In the storyline, the world will be completely destroyed.

By the way, the same thing happens if you kill Gale when you meet him for the first time - in the portal where the mage is stuck. So be attentive and resurrect Gale if you previously decided not to help him.  

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