Who to choose in Baldur's Gate 3: Lorroakan or Nightsong

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The choice between Lorroakan the Mage and Nightsong is one of the most important decisions in the third act of the Baldur's Gate 3 storyline. You first hear about the mage in the first act during the "Rescuing the Druid" mission, where you can save Halsin.

Mage Lorroakan is hunting Nightsong and will generously reward anyone who brings her to his lair.

Where to Find Lorroakan

You can find Lorroakan in Ramazith's Tower, located in the Upper City. You can reach the mage through the portal in the Sorcerous Sundries shop.

Enter the shop and talk to the mercenary Aradin. Lie to him and tell him that you failed to find Nightsong.

Puzzle with Portals

Afterward, you'll be able to proceed to Lorroakan. Go to the second floor, where you'll find 4 portals of different colors: blue, orange, purple, and green. Opposite each portal, there is a small sign indicating who Nightsong is. Choose the correct answer, which will be next to the blue portal.

Immediately after that, a projection of Mage Lorroakan will appear. He will explain his intentions regarding Nightsong and ask you to hand her over. He wants to obtain Nightsong's immortality and use it for his purposes. Nightsong's mother, Selûne, previously shared her immortality with her.

Next, you have two choices: either betray Nightsong and give her to the mage or fight Lorroakan and kill him.

Who to Choose: Lorroakan or Nightsong

Your choice will significantly impact the future storyline and determine your path. Be attentive.

Side with Lorroakan

If you agree with the mage and decide to hand over Eileen, return to your camp and inform Eileen about it. Nightsong will decide to deal with it herself and will go to Lorroakan. Here, you can continue your mission. In the dialogue, choose the following response options:

  1. "I will bring her. And I'll wait for the promised reward."
  2. "Don't resist, Eileen. You've lost."

Immediately after that, you will engage in a fight with Eileen. It shouldn't be too difficult because Lorroakan will fight on your side, possessing incredible strength.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to loot anything useful from Eileen's body. Interestingly, you may not receive the rewards from the mage either. Players report a bug: Lorroakan mentions a reward and promises to pay it, but nothing changes in your hero's inventory, and your gold doesn't increase.

As a result, you receive virtually no reward, and only Astarion approves of your treacherous actions. In general, cunning elves tend to appreciate deceitful deeds.

Side with Nightsong

If you refuse to help the mage, engage in a fight with him immediately. Prepare for this battle.

How to Kill Lorroakan

Follow this tactic:

  • The mage summons Acolyte assistants. They empower the mage, so eliminate them first. Afterward, Lorroakan will be weakened.
  • If you're certain about your choice and plan to side with Eileen from the start, you can attack the mage at the end of the hall before talking to him. This will make the upcoming battle a bit easier.
  • At the beginning of the battle, Lorroakan will have resistance to one of the elemental damages: water, fire, earth, or thunder. If you attack the mage in this state, he will reflect the damage back, causing harm to you. To remove this status, attack elemental Acolytes nearby.

Although the mage is strong, he has a low health pool. Focus on breaking his defenses, and then deplete his HP. The absorption of elemental damage is your main challenge.

Rewards for defeating the mage:

  • Rare Shelter of Athkatla attire – provides a bonus against poison and the Mirror Image spell.
  • Rare Despair of Athkatla staff – grants a bonus against poison.
  • Several precious gems that you can sell to merchants.

With this, the quest and the choice between Eileen and Lorroakan will be concluded.

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