Spaw and Glut: who should you choose in Baldur's Gate 3

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Spaw and Glut are two conflicting characters, rulers of the myconid race. Glut is in the past, and Spaw is in the present. As you progress through the quest, you'll have to make a choice in favor of one of the rulers and spare their life, while the other - kill them. The choice you make will impact the quest's outcome and the rewards received. It's up to you to decide the fate of the entire myconid people. 

How to Find Spaw and Glut

Both rulers can be found in the Myconid Colony. The location is situated in the north of the Underdark. 

How to meet Spaw and Glut

Prior to choosing between the rulers, you'll need to deal with several duergar and dwarves. This task will be assigned by Spaw. Glut might join the battle, significantly enhancing the team's combat capabilities and chances of victory. 

After the battle, return to the colony. Speak with each ruler to learn about their motives and thoughts: why they should become the head of the colony?

Whom to Choose: Spaw or Glut?

Choosing Glut

After the battle with duergar and dwarves, Glut will become stronger and suggest dealing with Spaw. As confirmation, he will ask you to bring the current ruler's body. Essentially, this is a negative choice and an evil path. Your choice will be judged by Karlah and Lae’zël.

Even if you agreed to help Glut in the dialogue, when you approach Spaw, you can change your choice: attack the deposed ruler or depose the current one. The game seems to imply that you should think twice.

You can kill Spaw on your own or with Glut's assistance. In the latter case, all surrounding myconids will attack you. After the murder, access to the colony's resources will be permanently closed. 

Reward for Victory:

  • Winter Grasp Gloves with the "Ice Spike" effect;
  • Chain Champion Amulet with the "Chain Champion" ability;
  • Ruler's Follower title.

Obtaining titles grants attack bonuses and buffs. 

Choosing Spaw

If you decide to side with Spaw, you'll have to face Glut immediately on the field where the battle with duergar and dwarves took place. Another option: deceive Glut, but not kill Spaw when you approach him - as mentioned earlier. 

By supporting Spaw, you'll retain access to the colony's resources and quests related to myconids. 

Reward for Victory:

  • Messenger's Amulet with the "Circle's Voice" +2 persuasion skill;
  • Unifier and Lifesinger Title (for defeating Nere).
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