Save or kill Isobel in Baldur's Gate 3?

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Isobel in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a character you'll encounter in Act Two, near the Last Light Inn. Isobel is one of the followers of Selûne, an ally of the Harpers and Jaheira, the druid. She is protecting the inn from the Shadow Curse, which has made Ketheric and his gang hunt her down. You can choose to help Isobel and protect her or hand her over to the thugs.

How to Find Isobel

Head to the Last Light Inn through the Underdark. Along the way, you may come across Kar'niss, who can help you get to the Moonrise Towers. We've provided a separate guide on how to access the Towers and lift the dark curse.

Isobel can be found on the second floor of the inn. It's recommended to save before talking to her so that you can replay the story later.

You can enter Isobel's room in two ways: climb through the balcony or enter through the door next to the stairs. Talk to her and learn about her fate. At this moment, Flaming Fist Marcus will barge into the building, wanting to abduct her. He's following Ketheric's orders. Marcus will explain that he's been tasked with capturing Isobel and intends to fulfill his duty.

At this point, you have two options: either hand Isobel over to Marcus or protect her.

Who to Choose: Isobel or Marcus

If you decide to support Marcus and hand Isobel over to him, the inn's refugees, including Jaheira, one of the potential companions, will be taken captive. You won't be able to invite her to your party, and you'll lose her as a potential companion.

An alternative option is to kill Isobel yourself. This option is available if you're playing as the Dark Urge and succumb to the temptation of darkness.

The consequences of both choices will be the same. Marcus will take Isobel to the Moonrise Towers, and once she leaves, the inn's protection will wane. All NPCs you could have interacted with will become zombies. Halsin, whom you could have recruited to your party, will also be dead.

Effectively, you align yourself with Ketheric, support Absolut, and choose the path of evil.

How to Defeat Marcus and Save Isobel

The main challenge in this battle is to keep an eye on Isobel's health. If it drops to zero, Marcus will take her and disappear from the battlefield, causing you to fail your goal of saving her. Therefore, be sure to have a healer in your party and periodically heal Isobel.

You'll also be attacked by Winged Horrors along with Marcus. Try to take them out as quickly as possible. Even if you kill Marcus, the Horrors will continue to attack. The battle itself won't be too difficult, but don't forget to use healing potions and spells regularly.

How to Kill Isobel

You can choose to kill Isobel after one night has passed since the described events. Sceleritas Fel will come to you and offer to kill her. Go to Isobel and engage in combat with her. She doesn't possess any special abilities or strength, so the fight will be relatively easy. Keep in mind that this action will cause Jaheira to become suspicious of you.

We do not recommend killing Isobel. It will lock you out of a series of plot quests, and defeating her will not yield any valuable rewards. Plus, you'll lose two potential companions, making the game less interesting. In any case, act at your discretion and based on your playstyle. 

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