The best mods for Teardown

1 dec 2020 at 16:49
Teardown is an indie game that quickly became popular among players and gained significant popularity. In many ways, thanks to its simplicity and convenient tools, it became possible to create various mods for Teardown, making the game even better. The modifications differ significantly from each other. Some add vehicles, others add weapons, and others provide various gameplay features, and so on. Today, we will review the top 5 mods for Teardown that you can also download from our website.

Teardown Cheats

The first mod in the "top mods for Teardown" category is the cheats mod. Typically, cheats are used for testing different aspects of the game. However, cheats for Teardown make the game much more enjoyable by providing an infinite amount of ammo, disabling alarms, unlocking all weapons, free upgrades, unlocking all levels, and more. 

Naturally, it's better not to use cheats for the initial playthrough. However, if you're playing custom maps or replaying the campaign, cheats can unlock new possibilities. The biggest advantage of this mod is its convenience since all cheat functions are directly accessible from the in-game menu. It's not just a trainer but a full-fledged addition to the existing game features. You can download the Teardown cheats mod from this link.

Click to Explode - Click Explode

This mod for Teardown has become popular for one clear reason - destructibility. The main concept of the game is to create beautifully chaotic scenes and destroy everything imaginable. Click to Explode allows you to create incredibly colorful scenes and explosions of various scales. The functionality of the mod is continuously updated. With this mod, you can destroy the game world with a single click or blow up individual buildings, vehicles, and more. If a structure is made of wood, you can start a powerful fire and let nature take its course - no one will be able to extinguish it, especially if you choose multiple sources of fire.

In general, the mod is multifunctional and well-developed. You can download it from this link.

Custom Levels Extended - More custom maps

This mod does not affect the gameplay of Teardown directly but offers undeniable benefits. For some unknown reason, the developers did not anticipate that players would want to have a large number of maps simultaneously. As a result, players had to constantly change the installed maps, create backup saves, and so on. However, Custom Levels Extended solves this problem. With this mod, you can have up to 45 maps at the same time, and you can choose any of them and have fun at any moment. 45 slots are more than enough for a comfortable gaming experience. You can download this mod for Teardown from this link.

Half-Life 1 Map

This Teardown mod-map is one of the largest and best maps for the game. Despite being a work in progress and not fully completed, significant effort has been put into its development. As the name suggests, it is a recreation of a map from the legendary game Half-Life 1. With this mod, you can revisit familiar places, reminisce, and explore the converted areas. You can find the mod here.

M1 Abrams | MBT

No list of the top mods for Teardown would be complete without a vehicle mod. Fortunately, the game has a well-implemented vehicle system. However, this mod goes beyond a regular vehicle and offers the M1 Abrams tank, an American-made tank. In addition to its impressive size and intimidating appearance, the tank is fully functional, allowing you to shoot, control the tank, and destroy everything in your path. Become the owner of an armored and heavily armed tank with this mod.

These are our top picks for the best mods for Teardown. This is the first part of the compilation, and similar articles will be released frequently. Let us know in the comments which mods you would add to this list.

Author: Swordself14

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