Top 9 Cool Mods for Teardown for 2022

20 dec 2022 at 16:42

Teardown is one of the best games for simulating destruction. On the game's maps, you can demolish almost any object, and the toolkit is vast. The modding system has brought tons of community-created content that you won't have enough time to try it all. We'll mention the top 10 mods that are worth downloading.


This mod partially reproduces a large passenger airplane, not just as a prop, but during the flight phase. Many objects can be destroyed, and the interior details are well thought out, including oxygen masks and overhead bins that can fall.

The damage effects include decompression, engine damage, and wing damage. You can even make the Boeing crash, but be warned that the lag will be terrible without an extremely powerful system.

 Download Boeing 737 mod


This crazy mod takes inspiration from Kojima's slasher, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, as well as the katana from the anime "Bleach." Fans of Japanese pop culture will likely enjoy it.

This deadly weapon can handle any obstacle. For example, you can carve your way out of the Boeing cabin and then slice it into pieces. Another fun activity is cutting skyscrapers in half with the gigantic katana. In short, fun is guaranteed.

 Download Revengeance Katana mod


Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, but they are still remembered in various forms. They are the subjects of movies, LEGO sets, and even American pickups. Perhaps the most famous legend is the massive predator called Tyrannosaurus Rex. This mod allows you to spawn a dinosaur and wreak havoc on the map, destroying everything in its path. Perfect for city maps.

 Download TeaRex mod


The Jedi knight's lightsaber reminds us of the legendary Star Wars franchise, making the character feel like one of the heroes. The lightsaber emits an aesthetically pleasing light and doesn't damage anything as long as you're just carrying it. However, when you strike or slash, surfaces are destroyed, and flammable objects catch fire. Additionally, there are spark and smoke effects. Overall, the mod looks fantastic, offering another exciting toy for Teardown's world.

 Download Lightsaber mod


Lava is an incredibly hot substance with great potential for annihilation, making it a must-have in Teardown. This next mod in the selection equips the character with a lava gun that can shoot a beam, turning surfaces into lava with realistic physics. It also allows you to extinguish lava, which comes in handy when the FPS takes a significant hit.

You can adjust the amount of fire and lava that appears. Of course, molten volcanic mass looks most striking in the dark hours of the day.

 Download Lava Gun mod


This mod is for those who prefer to save structures rather than ruthlessly destroy cities. The mod features a realistic water hose with adjustable pressure. You can set buildings on fire and then extinguish them with the hose. You'll feel like a firefighter and increase the frame rate for those affected during fires.

 Download Fire Fighter mod


This playground is for gamers with sadistic inclinations. It's a polygon with torture devices and huge ragdoll dolls. They don't resemble humans much, but they have skeletons and organs, creating the illusion that they can feel pain.

You can torture them in various ways. One option is to shoot the dolls from a cannon, after which they land under a large swinging metal pendulum that inflicts massive damage, breaking them into pieces. If you want more intense torture, you can drop the dolls onto posts with rotating sharp horizontal surfaces. They act like helicopter blades.

 Download Ragdoll Human Playground mod!


A find for space enthusiasts, this mod recreates all sections of the International Space Station, with the interior design based on resources from NASA and ESA. The mod includes two piloted spacecraft. Of course, there's also a skybox.

The mod is constantly updated and will continue to grow. The developer promises to add a docking model, decompression effects when damaging the space station, new spacecraft, and much more content.

 Download Compilation of Space Stations mod


In the mountainous region of Spain, there were plans to build a house in the shape of an inverted pyramid, resembling buildings from pessimistic films about the future or other civilizations. Dark and conceptual. Thanks to the modder who recreated this concept, you can indulge in the concrete structure. In addition to the futuristic exterior, the building has a pleasant interior that will be painfully ruined.

 Download Inverted Pyramid House mod

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