Top 15 Best Mods for Teardown of All Time

11 sep 2021 at 11:32

Teardown is an interesting and unusual puzzle game. Here you will explore a realistic world that can surprise you with various unexpected events at any moment. Players will have to complete tasks related to robberies, car thefts, and other illegal activities. Teardown stands out with its interactive and destructible world, making each mission unique in its own way.

Adding mods to the game can make it even more interesting. They provide additional weapons, vehicles, maps, and other exciting items. Downloading and installing mods is not complicated, so they are accessible to everyone. We have gathered the best mods available today for Teardown fans.


Everyone dreams of having some unusual abilities, and controlling objects with your mind is one of the most popular ones. The Telekinesis mod allows players to move various objects in Teardown. It can be used not only for simple entertainment but also to help complete missions. For example, if there is an obstacle in your way, 

you could try smashing it with a hammer. But it's easier and more fun to use telekinesis to knock down everything in its path with a huge rock. It will be faster and more enjoyable. Destroying the game world with this mod becomes an even more engaging task, as you can interact with almost any object.


Object Possession

Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a house or a rock? Most likely not, but a mod for Teardown allows you to do just that. With this mod, you can transform into anything you want, but only objects present on the current map. The transformation process is simple. Just pick up a new tool and click on the desired object. Voila, you have become the object you desired. 

After that, the player can transform back into themselves, enable a local equivalent of god mode, increase the "explosive effect" of the possessed object, and simply move around the map. In general, this mod is perfect for fans of unusual entertainment.

Object Possession

Minecraft Small Town

Teardown is often compared to Minecraft by many players. With this mod, that impression is even stronger. It adds a small village to the game that you can visit and explore. The village is well-made and includes many objects. 

There are small houses, a blacksmith shop, a church, trees, and other items. All of this is done in the style loved by many Minecraft players. Of course, all objects are fully destructible. So if you ever wanted to destroy a small village with your own hands, this mod makes it easy to do so.

Minecraft Small Town

Throwable Moons

While it's fun to explode objects with small bombs, sometimes you want something more spectacular. That's where the Throwable Moons mod comes in. As the name suggests, it adds celestial bodies as bombs in the game, and it's actually a lot of fun. Players have access to three different moons. 

Each moon has a different level of power. Of course, don't expect the destructive effect to be equivalent to the damage caused by a real moon, but these "celestial bombs" allow you to quickly clear the path to your next criminal activity. Currently, you can install the mod using ModLoader.

Throwable Moons


Crushing the surrounding space in Teardown is endless. For this, several types of weapons are available. But it seems that something is initially missing. The mod author seems to know exactly what it is and added the Flamethrower, which will be appreciated by all virtual pyromaniacs. This weapon adds fun to the surrounding fun. After all, there is nothing better than simply admiring another burning building. 

The mod is well-made, and it's immediately evident that the author approached it with passion. The fire effect is well done, as well as the burning objects. With the flamethrower, you can burn all objects around you in just a couple of seconds.



This mod allows the player to briefly feel like a god. After all, they have access to a new deadly weapon - a gun that can create an infinite number of tornadoes instead of bullets. The element is capable of destroying everything in its path and making it easier to access items that need to be stolen. The tornado is launched with a simple right-click. After that, the gun creates a tornado that starts pulling in all nearby objects. 

It disappears after a while and works even if another weapon is already selected. Initially, you can simply walk around and enjoy the effect. The tornado appears near the player and starts swirling all nearby objects. A real chaos ensues: dust, flying small and large objects that gradually get destroyed. It all looks simply amazing.

Tornado Gun Mod

Meteorite Control

If the destruction caused by tornadoes seemed insufficient to you, you can unleash a real meteorite on the ground. And although Teardown has a large amount of destructive weapons, nothing compares to this option. The player can manually control the meteorite and choose the target to strike. 

You can destroy both standalone buildings and entire cities. The visual effect of destruction looks simply magnificent: the sky leaves a trail from the meteorite, and it crashes into the target. Currently, the mod is available on the Mountain Range, Downtown, and Villa Gordon maps.

Meteor Strike

M1 Garand

This mod is suitable for those who are tired of powerful destructive weapons and want to try something simpler. In that case, there's nothing better than the famous American rifle M1 Garand. It was a true symbol of the United States in World War II.

Now the rifle is available to players in Teardown. Of course, the level of detail corresponds to the game's graphics, but the appearance of the weapon is recognizable, and it cannot be mistaken for anything else.

M1 Garand


Most gamers are well aware of the destructive power of miniguns. So how much cooler would the Megagun be? The answer to this question is easy to find. Just download the Megagun mod, and you will have one of the best machine guns in your hands. 

The Megagun fires hundreds of bullets per second and can destroy any obstacle in its path. Using it makes completing tasks much easier and more enjoyable. The sound of the spinning machine gun, ready to start shooting, adds to the joy of using it.


Barber Simulator

This time, it's not just a mod, but a whole map. This time, it will delight lovers of trendy haircuts and those who have always wanted to try themselves as a barber. The Barber Simulator mod adds a map to the game with various characters. They all have hairstyles that can be edited. And this opens up wide opportunities for creativity. 

Players can create the most unusual, fun, and unique hairstyles, taking on the role of a professional barber. The best creative results can be shared with friends and other players. Create the most original hairstyle and amaze everyone!

Barber Simulator / The Barbershop

Nuclear Bomb

This mod adds a real nuclear bomb to the game. With it, players can attempt to destroy all objects around them and enjoy the sight of the wreckage. Launching the bomb itself is quite simple. But then you need to escape from the blast zone in time. After that, all you have to do is watch as the shockwave destroys everything around. 

However, it is worth remembering that the mod is demanding, and during the explosion, the FPS drops significantly. As a result, the game starts to lag and stutter. But when it comes to delivering a nuclear strike, it's worth enduring these minor difficulties. Install the mod and destroy everything around you.

Nuclear Bomb / Nuke

Dual Minigun

What's better than a minigun but worse than a Megagun? The answer is simple: a dual minigun. It's an excellent mod that allows you to experience the power of modern weapons capable of quickly destroying all objects around. Now the player won't have time for anything else. After all, they have a minigun in each hand, and each of them can quickly demolish any barrier in its path. 

Shooting from the new weapon is interesting because each minigun is controlled by a separate mouse button: the right one controls the right machine gun, and the left one controls the left one. With this mod, you can quickly destroy any obstacle in your path.

Dual Miniguns

Modern House

This mod adds a whole house to the game, designed in a modern style. It features several rooms, a gallery, a personal office, and much more. Of course, all the items inside the house can be destroyed. Additionally, outside the house, players will find a garage and a garden that can also be explored. 

The mod itself is very well-made, and all the items are visually pleasing. The kitchen, in particular, is impressive, equipped with modern appliances and designed in light and dark tones.

Modern House


Initially, this mod was created for the game's beta version. However, it was later preserved and made available in the standard version of Teardown. The mod adds a whole map to the game, featuring a massive skyscraper and a gas station nearby. Overall, it's a large destructible map with various interesting locations. Inside the building, each floor houses rooms with different interior items. 

And, of course, all of this can be destroyed and demolished. The level of detail is simply astonishing. For example, you can open a desk drawer and find donuts inside. The "Apartments" map will be interesting for all players. By the way, in the options, you can choose between a daytime or nighttime version of the location.



The Junkyard mod (version 4) adds one of the most unique maps to the game. It represents a car junkyard that serves as a testing ground for huge trucks. The map features a large number of vehicles and buildings that can be destroyed. 

The best way to deal with this is by using a bulldozer that can demolish everything in its path. Additionally, you can get behind the wheel of a monster truck and crush other cars with it. Players also have access to various vehicle models such as a wrecking ball and chain crane, Killdozer, Shreddozer, and many more.


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