How to get and plant wheat seeds in Palworld

11 feb 2024 at 15:51

Wheat Seeds in Palworld - a resource with which you can obtain wheat and make bread, a nutritious food for pals. Planting wheat on a farm will ensure you have a steady food supply. Finding seeds for this plant isn't that simple - there are only two ways to obtain them. Let's explore each option in detail. 

How to Obtain Wheat Seeds

Buy from a Merchant

Merchant - an NPC selling goods for coins. You can find them in a Small Settlement on the archipelago. Use fast travel to save time. 

The merchant is located on the outskirts of the Settlement and appears as a blond man in red attire. Approach him and interact with F to view all available items. The cost of wheat seeds is 100 gold per unit. There is no limit to the quantity available. 

Hunt Pals

Another method is pals hunting, after which wheat seeds drop upon their defeat. The list is limited to:

  • Robinquill;
  • Robinquill Terra;
  • Flopie;
  • Bristla;
  • Cinnamooth;
  • Dinossom. 

All these pals are easy to find while exploring the surrounding world and various regions. Killing creatures is not necessary - you can simply capture them with a pal-sphere to also add to your collection. Pal-spheres can be crafted at a workbench.

How to Use Wheat Seeds and Create a Plantation

You can unlock the plantation recipe after reaching level 15, spending points in the Technology Tree. To create it, you'll need 35 wood, 35 stone, and 3 wheat seeds. Place the plantation in a convenient location and prepare everything for pals. Choose creatures with irrigation, harvesting, and seed planting skills. Robinquill is an ideal candidate with all the mentioned abilities. Alternatively, combine the skills of several pals from the list above - they will also suffice. 

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