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9 feb 2024 at 9:22

Pals - funny creatures that you can find all over the Palworld world, catch, and use for various purposes: flying, fighting, working at the base. Each pet has its unique skills: gathering, mining ore, chopping trees, making medicine, watering, pasture, ignition, and more. We have compiled a list of Palworld Best Pals so you can understand which mobs are worth hunting and what they are needed for. 


  • Element: Neutral;
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv. 1, Transport Lv. 1, Pasture Lv. 1;
  • Special Skills: Transforms into a shield when picked up by the player;
  • Produces: Wool. 

Lamball is one of the first pals you can get at the start of the game. Despite its simplicity, it will be an excellent worker on the farm and will solve all the basic tasks: manual labor, transportation, production of useful resources - wool. It is often encountered in the open world and is very weak, so there won't be any problems catching it. Over time, it will become less useful, but at the early levels - it is essential to catch. 


  • Element: Water, Dragon;
  • Skills: Watering Lv. 4;
  • Special Skills: Does not consume stamina when riding;
  • Produces: Pal's bodily fluid.

A powerful water-type dragon pal that you can encounter while walking near water. If you tame the pal, you can use it for water travel without stamina loss - a very useful skill for fast island hopping and exploring the world. 


  • Element: Ice, Water;
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv. 1, Transport Lv. 1, Watering Lv. 1, Cooling Lv. 1;
  • Special Skills: When activated by the player, a rocket launcher appears, firing Pengullets. Upon hitting an enemy, the Pengullet explodes and dies;
  • Produces: Nothing. 

Pengullet is a versatile pal for farming: watering plantations, transportation, and resource collection. If you buy a cooling chamber, it starts producing ice. Easy to catch, especially useful at the beginning of the game. 


  • Element: Earth;
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv. 4, Transport Lv. 2, Mining Lv. 3;
  • Special Skills: Grants the player's attacks the Earth element;
  • Produces: Bone, pal's large soul, book of revolutionary technologies.

You can encounter Anubis as a boss. It helps both on the farm and in battles. A powerful combat unit and the best pal in the game with the Earth element. Can only be obtained after defeating it. Recommended level: 45-47. 


  • Element: Neutral;
  • Skills: Pasture Lv. 1;
  • Special Skills: Occasionally produces milk on the pasture;
  • Produces: Milk.

Mozzarina is a cow pal that grazes on the pasture and produces an essential resource: milk. It is the main ingredient in food production. If you tame Mozzarina, you will forget about the food problem. Does not possess other skills. 


  • Element: Fire;
  • Skills: Fire ignition Lv. 1, Handiwork Lv. 1, Transport Lv. 1, Pasture Lv. 1;
  • Special Skills: Produces a flametron organ on the pasture;
  • Produces: Flametron organ.

Flambelle is a versatile pal that can be used both on the farm and in battle. Fire is one of the strongest elements in the game. Suitable for mining useful resources. 


  • Element: Electricity;
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv. 1, Transport Lv. 1, Energy generation Lv. 1;
  • Special Skills: Boosts the attack of electric-type pals;
  • Produces: Nothing.

If you're familiar with the world of Pokémon, Sparkit will obviously remind you of Pikachu - the main symbol and character of the universe. Sparkit will not only be an excellent combat companion and buff the damage of other electric pals but also supply your base with electricity, without which basic devices will not work. 


  • Element: Electricity;
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv. 2, Tree chopping Lv. 2, Transport Lv. 3, Energy generation Lv. 3;
  • Special Skills: When ridden, Grizzbolt can shoot a machine gun;
  • Produces: Electrotwirl organ, skin.

Grizzbolt is one of the most recognizable pals, as it is depicted in most official pictures and wallpapers of Palworld. Perfect for battle as a tank. Resistant to attacks, opponents, can be ridden, and uses a powerful machine gun as a weapon. Like Sparkit, it generates energy for the base's functioning. One of the strongest combat pals, with which no boss will be a serious problem. 


  • Element: Nature;
  • Skills: Seed sowing Lv. 1, Handiwork Lv. 1, Tree chopping Lv. 1, Medicine production Lv. 1, Gathering Lv. 1;
  • Special Skills: None;
  • Produces: Nothing.

Lifmunk - another pal that you can get at the beginning of the game. Probably, it will be the first pet with the element that you will encounter. Thanks to the medicine production skills, it will be the main source of healing. Works on the base with everything related to plants, crafts items, and chops trees. An excellent companion but too weak for combat. 


  • Element: Water and Ice;
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv. 2, Transport Lv. 2, Watering Lv. 2, Mining Lv. 2, Cooling Lv. 2;
  • Special Skills: Drops more items after killing fire pals;
  • Produces: Nothing.

Penking - an indispensable pal for production, which has five skills immediately leveled to level 2. It will be useful not only at the beginning of the game but also at later levels. Thanks to the special skill, it helps with farming resources. 

Remember that pals are your main helpers and companions, which make the gameplay much more interesting. Catch new pets, collect your own collection, and choose the best candidates. 

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