Palworld Breeding Guide

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Breeding - a game mechanic that allows you to cross different pals and obtain a new species in your collection. For breeding, you'll need a breeding farm and an incubator, where the offspring will wait to hatch. In the Palworld breeding guide, you'll learn how to pair two individuals and what you need for successful egg hatching. 

How Breeding Works

As your collection grows, you'll start wondering what happens when you pair different individuals together. When breeding, the offspring inherits the traits of its parents, but the element can be entirely different. The more advanced the pals you breed, the stronger the new individual will be. It's easier to obtain interesting pals with unusual traits through breeding rather than searching in the open world. 

The pal offspring also inherits active and passive skills. The former aids you in battles with bosses, while the latter helps in base work. Combine a good fighter and a hard worker to get a versatile pal that's convenient both in combat and on plantations. During breeding, you can also get a subspecies of pal, slightly stronger than the usual species and possessing additional abilities. You can obtain them from both regular pals and bosses, such as Anubis - a useful and powerful creature that makes an excellent companion in battles. 

How to Cross Pals

Build a Breeding Farm

To start breeding, reach level 19. The recipe for the Breeding Farm will unlock in the Technology Tree. Learn it by spending technology points. Choose a suitable location in your base and place the structure. Note that the breeding farm will take up a large portion of space. 

Prepare a Cake

To get two individuals to produce an egg, you'll need a cake. Prepare it on any available campfire using the following resources:

  • Milk - 7;
  • Egg - 8;
  • Honey - 2;
  • Wheat Flour - 5;
  • Red Berry - 8.

After gathering all the resources, interact with the cooking pot and select the recipe to cook. The cake will be in your inventory afterward. 

Place Pals in the Breeding Farm

Return to the breeding farm and place the cake in the chest located next to the structure by default. If you don't do this, the egg simply won't appear. Afterward, interact with the breeding farm and select two opposite-sex individuals you want to cross. A pink icon represents female, while blue represents male. To bring pals to the breeding farm, use a Pal Box, summon the creature, and manually move it into the enclosure by interacting with F

If the breeding process is successful, a message will appear on the screen stating that the pals liked each other. An egg will appear in the middle of the breeding farm, from which the offspring will hatch later, and the indicator next to it will start filling up. Once the bar turns entirely orange, the offspring will hatch. 

 Some individuals require special conditions for breeding. Usually, fire or ice pals, which require a cooler or heater, respectively, to maintain a favorable temperature. 

Retrieve the Egg and Await the Offspring

Now that the egg has appeared in the breeding farm, all you have to do is wait for it to hatch. Learn the recipe for the Egg Incubator in the Technology Tree, build it, and move the egg into it. Similar to adult individuals, the hatchling may require a cooler or heater for successful growth. 

Once the egg hatches, you can reuse the same pals to try out new breeding combinations. There's no cooldown. By the way, eggs can also be found in the wild, but you won't know for sure what's inside. 

Breeding Calculator: What It's For

Breeding Calculator - a convenient tool that allows you to predict in advance what pal will be born from two individuals. This significantly reduces time and helps you get a creature with the desired set of characteristics and skills. In a separate guide, we explain in more detail where to find the breeding calculator and how to use it. 

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