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The captivating action of Palworld has become one of the most popular gaming projects since the beginning of 2024. Performance and the number of players continue to grow, making it a great opportunity to try out this new sensation. If you haven't immersed yourself in the world of "Pokémon with guns" yet, read our tips for beginners in Palworld. You'll learn about gameplay, basic mechanics, elements, pals, combat system, and tips that will be useful at the start of the game. 

Pal Catching 

Searching, catching, and taming pals are the mechanics on which the entire game is based. Pals will become your combat units, helping you fight bosses, explore territories, and work on farms. Creatures are conventionally divided into primary categories:

  • Transport - can be saddled, some move through the air or water;
  • Workers - possess advanced skills for base and farm care: resource collection, watering, tree chopping, etc. Generally, worker pals are weaker and less effective in combat;
  • Combat units - pals that excel in combat, have damage buffs, and can protect the player during world exploration or battles with bosses. 

Some pals combine multiple properties: they fight well and have skills for farm work. At the start of the game, you'll encounter the weakest pals, most of which will be used for resource gathering on the farm. Pal-spheres are used for catching pals, reminiscent of Poké Balls from Pokémon.


Each pal possesses a specific element:

  • Neutral;
  • Water;
  • Fire;
  • Ground;
  • Grass;
  • Electric;
  • Dark;
  • Ice;
  • Dragon - a special creature that can combine the powers of two elements (e.g., water + dragon, fire + dragon, etc.). 

Each element has its advantages. The logic of the mechanic is simple. For example, Fire is effective against Grass and Ice, but weak against Water. Ground handles Electric well but struggles against Grass in combat. The Neutral element has no advantages and is weak against Dark. Ice, in principle, has no weaknesses or advantages - it's a unique element. You can learn more about the effectiveness of elements on the diagram. This is relevant when choosing pals to fight bosses, as choosing the right element significantly increases damage.

Common and Special Skills 

Each pal possesses common and special skills. Common or passive skills cannot exceed four with a maximum level of 3. These are abilities that are most often useful for exploring the world, base management, and movement:

  • Farming;
  • Watering;
  • Handiwork;
  • Gathering;
  • Planting;
  • Kindling;
  • Lumbering;
  • Medicine Production;
  • Transporting;
  • Mining;
  • Electricity Generation;
  • Cooling. 

Special or partner skills are special abilities that can be used when equipping a pal. They are often oriented towards combat. For example, Lamball becomes a full-fledged shield in the player's hands, while Foxparks turns into a real flamethrower. Sparkit buffs the damage of other electric pals, and Tanzee attacks enemies with a assault rifle. 

Paldeck Container

Paldeck Container (Palworld Paldeck) is a tool where you can store and manage pals. You can view all available information about the pets you've caught. In the container, you can also view current tasks and restore the health of pals that have fallen in battle. 


Your pals need care and attention. To keep them feeling good and working steadily, equip the base to meet their needs. Provide rest areas and ensure that pals have enough food. If you forget to visit your pets, they may get sick, up to Depression and Weakness. Such a serious condition can only be corrected with potent medicines. Be attentive to the health of your pals!


You can upgrade a pal's skills and the main hero at the Statue of Power, which is represented by one of the pals - Anubis. Pal souls are used to upgrade pets. You can upgrade any characteristic as you see fit, but it's better to approach this strategically. For example, for combat pals, upgrade the attack stat, while for workers, upgrade practical skills useful for production. There's no point in investing in attack power for a pal like Lamball. It will feel much better at the base. 

Pal Breeding

Breeding is a special mechanic that allows you to create new types of pals that cannot be encountered in the open world. Offspring inherit the characteristics of their parents, so you can breed individuals with perfect characteristics and necessary abilities. 

To breed pals, build a Date Pasture on your base and select the mobs you want to breed. After that, an egg will appear, from which a baby will hatch over time. You can learn the breeding skill in the Technology Tree by spending special points. But to do this, you need to reach level 19. 


Base - a reliable place and home where your captured pals live, there are beds, food, equipment, and all the collected resources. At the start of the game, you'll only have one creature available to work. The higher the level of the base, the more pals you can assign. To increase the level, complete tasks from the pal container. Equip the space around you, build structures, paddocks, and think about the best way to place each construction. 

Combat System

In the world of Palworld, you'll encounter not only cute and charming creatures but also unfriendly and even aggressive monsters. You won't be lucky if you encounter them unprepared. So, it's worth knowing how to create weapons and stand against powerful bosses. 


Alpha pals, or bosses, are powerful mobs that you can encounter in certain locations in the open world. Exactly where - check the interactive map. Bosses are significantly stronger than regular pals, but if you defeat them, you can tame them and use them in battles. For example, Anubis is one of the most powerful bosses with the Earth element. Or Grizzbolt - the unofficial mascot and a strong tank that can stand in battle against the most powerful enemies. Alpha pals are the most efficient creatures you can add to your collection. However, to defeat them, you need to level up to at least 40-47. 


A character can use not only the abilities of the equipped pal but also their own weapons in battle. You can unlock this skill in the technology tree. Each weapon has a durability indicator - it depletes over time, and the item will eventually break. Keep this in mind to avoid being empty-handed in the middle of a fight. Later on, you'll be able to unlock new equipment recipes and craft them at a workbench. 

Syndicate Towers

Syndicate Towers - combat trials where you'll need to apply all your skills, upgraded pals, and weapons. Essentially, these are full-fledged dungeons, with 5 of them scattered across the map. The longer it takes to reach the tower, the harder the trial will be. At the end, you'll need to defeat a powerful boss.

Many newcomers, finding one of the towers at the start of the game, try to pass it and end up losing their pals. We recommend taking on these trials at later stages of the game, when you have good weapons and a collection of combat pals. 

Technology Tree

Technology Tree consists of recipes that you can learn by spending technology points. Points are awarded with each new character level. Studying the technology tree unlocks new possibilities, abilities, and items for crafting. To earn more points and speed up leveling, fight bosses and explore the surrounding world. 

Giga Glader

One of the best devices you can use to conveniently explore the world is the Giga Glader. You'll constantly encounter elevations and hills on the map that are difficult to descend safely without losing some health. The glider solves this problem and allows you to easily glide off elevations, reducing a significant distance. Try to learn this technology as soon as possible. 

Weather and Time of Day

Weather conditions in different biomes of the Palworld world differ. Be prepared that special clothing will be needed to freely explore some areas. For example, it's not advisable to venture into a desert biome without heat-resistant armor (Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor). If your clothing doesn't match the weather conditions, you'll quickly lose all your health and perish. Carry crafted clothing in your inventory to use it at any time. And in the early levels, it's best to explore the safest areas with hills and fields. 

In Palworld, day turns into night, so you'll definitely need a campfire, torch, or warm bed to avoid freezing after sunset. A bed helps you skip the nighttime and wake up in the morning. Also, visibility drops significantly at night, so we don't recommend wandering through dense forests to avoid encountering dangerous pals. 

Palworld is a fairly simple but engaging game. The gameplay resembles classic open-world survival games. You won't have any difficulties mastering the mechanics. Enjoy the game!

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