Sulfur in Palworld: where to find and how to get

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Palworld Sulfur - a valuable resource necessary for crafting gunpowder and ammunition for weapons. You'll need it in the later stages of the game when you start crafting projectiles and cartridges. In this guide, you'll learn where to find sulfur, how to mine it, and how to use it. 

How to Find and Use Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur deposits look like large yellow-brown rocks. To mine the resource, you'll need a pickaxe, which you can craft at a Primitive Workbench after learning the pickaxe recipe in the Technology Tree. You can earn technology points by leveling up. Crafting a Primitive Workbench requires 2 units of wood. Crafting the simplest stone pickaxe requires 5 stones and 5 wood. However, it's best to acquire a metal pickaxe once you reach level 11 - it's faster and more efficient. It's crafted with 15 stones, 20 wood, and 5 metal scrolls. 

Locations with sulfur deposits:

  1. Volcano - here you'll find the most sulfur due to the region's peculiarities;
  2. Islands - mainly in caves;
  3. Small desert - the least amount. Go here if you didn't gather enough sulfur from the previous locations. 

The best place to farm sulfur is in mountainous areas near The Foot of the Volcano and Mount Obsidian. We don't recommend going to these locations purposefully at the start of the game - they are quite challenging, and you'll need heat-resistant refined metal armor for exploring freely. You can view the location of each deposit point on the interactive map. Combining sulfur with charcoal will give you gunpowder, which is essential for battling powerful bosses and clearing Syndicate Towers.

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