All Palworld Admin Commands

7 feb 2024 at 11:31

Introducing administrator commands in Palworld will allow you to manage the game server at your discretion and make gameplay more convenient. In this guide, you will find a complete list of admin commands with descriptions and how they work. 

To use these commands, you need to connect to the server as an administrator. Other players will not be able to activate them.

All Administrator Commands in Palworld

Full list of commands:

  • /BanPlayer + Steam ID – ban a player with the specified ID;
  • /Broadcast [Message]– send a message that will be displayed on the server for all players;
  • /DoExit – shut down the server;
  • /Info – show full server information;
  • /KickPlayer + Steam ID – kick a player with the specified ID from the server;
  • /Save – save the game;
  • /ShowPlayers – show a list of players on the server;
  • /ShutDown [Seconds] + [Message] – set a timer to shut down the server and send a warning message to online players;
  • /TeleportToMe + SteamID – teleport a player with the specified ID to the administrator;
  • /TeleportToPlayer + SteamID – teleport to a player with the specified ID.
  Please note! Each command must be preceded by "/", otherwise it will not work. 

How to Use Administrator Commands In Palworld

Activate the console for entering commands by pressing Enter. Type: "/AdminPassword [Password]" to activate administrator rights. Now enter the desired command from the list above and press Enter again to activate it. If you do not have administrator rights, attempting to activate will display the message: "You are not an Admin".

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