How to save Wulbren and tieflings in Baldur's Gate 3

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Rescue Mission for Wulbren and Tieflings – a side quest in the second act that begins in the location of Moonrise Towers. You can find information on how to access them and remove the dark curse in a separate guide.

How to Get the Quest

To gain access to this mission, in the first act, you must have rescued the gnomes from Grymforge and the tieflings. Returning to Moonrise Towers, you'll discover that not everyone managed to escape from the clutches of the Absolute. Your task is to help the remaining tieflings and the dark gnome, Wulbren.

Rescuing Wulbren and Tieflings: Walkthrough

Head to the Moonrise Towers

If you've already unlocked the passage to the location, descend to the lower floors via the stairs to the Absolute's prison, where the prisoners are held.

Locate the Prisoners

At the bottom, you'll find several cells, with tieflings held in one of them. Speak with the prisoners, but be cautious of nearby guards who may notice you.

During the conversation with the tieflings, convince them that you are not sent by the Absolute and have come to help. The prisoners will trust you and agree to cooperate. If the guards notice you during the conversation, you can still pass the check and avoid capture.

After talking with the tieflings, proceed to the next cell with Wulbren.

Talk to Wulbren

Wulbren will be in a nearby cell, regardless of the choices you made in the quest to rescue the gnomes from Grymforge. He won't readily trust your generosity, so you'll need to pass a Persuasion check first. After that, Wulbren will explain that simply escaping won't work, as you need to break through a wall to create an exit. However, you'll need a special weapon for this, and your main character will go in search of it.

Find Wulbren's Hammer

Wulbren's Hammer is a weapon with blunt damage capable of breaking through walls. In fact, you can use any other similar weapon to achieve this. The search for Wulbren's Hammer is an additional reason to explore the prison and find special items.

To find the hammer:

  • Go to the second floor via the stairs through the warden's office. Be careful: if she notices you and you fail the check during the conversation, you'll end up behind bars.
  • You can also go to the second floor through the wooden walkways along the walls. This option has a higher chance of going unnoticed.

Clear the entire area on the second floor. The sequence and speed of killing will only affect whether the All-Seeing Eye will raise the alarm or not. If it does, you'll have to steal all the treasures from the chests. Wulbren's Hammer will be on one of the tables in a room.

Return to Wulbren

Descend from the second floor to the first through the warden's office. Eliminate her to safely free the prisoners without raising the alarm. Leave the office and kill all hostile mobs you encounter on your way, including Fanatic Caris.

Approach Wulbren and hand him the Hammer. The gnome will break through the wall and take the tieflings you spoke to earlier. Afterward, you can return to the warden's office and press the levers that open the cell gates. Do this only after you've eliminated all the guards and other hostile mobs, as otherwise, the tieflings and the gnome may get caught.

Once Wulbren leaves the cell, follow him. You'll arrive at a dock with a boat. Help them cut the rope and sail away from the prison. At this point, the rescue mission will be complete, but you can still claim your reward.

How to Get the Reward for the Rescue

Next, you'll need to speak with each of the rescued individuals, receive their thanks, and claim your rewards.

  • Gnome Wulbren will be waiting for you at the Last Light Inn tavern.
  • Tieflings Alfira and Rolan are in the main hall of the harpers' tavern.
  • Tieflings Bex and Danni will go to the Last Light Peninsula.

After you've spoken to all the escapees, the quest will be completed and removed from your journal. The mission will be fully concluded. 

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