10 Valheim Game Secrets: Full Game Guide

29 jul 2021 at 15:55

Valheim is a game developed by Swedish developers Iron Gate, released in early 2021. It immediately caught the attention of fans of fantasy and Scandinavian mythology. However, many gamers noted that the game is challenging right from the start. But life can be made much easier by following a few important tips.

Don't stick to one server

Valheim has a unique feature that makes the game stand out. Achievements are tied to the character, not the chosen world. So players can freely switch servers without worrying about losing all their progress. It is recommended to regularly switch between worlds to continue character progression and gather valuable resources. Don't be afraid to leave your server, as the more you change servers, the greater the chance of obtaining valuable loot. Resources on each server are finite, and over time, valuable items will run out. But simply choose another game world, and you'll find an abundance of necessary items there.

Wood and stones are the most valuable

Anyone familiar with games of this genre knows that resource farming is a top priority. However, it's not always clear what to collect and what to discard. In the case of Valheim, it's always important to gather wood and stones. These resources are essential for character development. Luckily, searching for them won't be too difficult. You can find stones and wood anywhere, with stones often lying around. To obtain wood, simply strike the nearest tree a few times. It's important to always have these two resources in your inventory. Without them, surviving in the Viking world will be challenging.

A Viking is always prepared for death

The developers have made Valheim very realistic. Therefore, you need to constantly ensure that nothing happens to your character. For example, if you are not careful when gathering wood, you might get killed by a falling tree, which would be a comical death for a brave Viking.

The Workbench is essential

While you can initially get by with a makeshift axe and hammer, it's essential to have a Workbench for crafting more advanced items. It is one of the most valuable items in the game.

Building a Workbench is very simple. Just gather 10 units of wood. It's also important to choose the right location for it. If you decide to leave the server, you can dismantle the Workbench and take it with you. Just remember not to forget about it. After collecting valuable resources, you should immediately go to the Workbench and craft essential items, as surviving in the harsh world will be very difficult without them.

Even Vikings need a home

Once you have a Workbench, you should start thinking about building your own home. It should be well protected from raids by other players seeking valuable resources. In Valheim, like in other survival games, it's always easier to kill a newcomer and take all their belongings. By the way, the game features bosses. Defeating them can provide significant boosts that may prompt you to attack another player's base.

It is recommended to build your base with the Workbench at its center. Additionally, pay attention to fortifying your house. Choose the right materials and place defensive structures. The stronger the base, the better chances of repelling enemy attacks.

Tactics in battle will help you survive

At first, it may seem that the combat system in the game is primitive and all you need to do to win is click the mouse rapidly. However, running around and swinging a sword will not be the best idea for those who want to survive as long as possible.

In battle, you need to think about your next actions. To take less damage, it's advisable to use evasive maneuvers more actively. It's also useful to remember the attack patterns of different enemies. If you simply approach enemies closely and try to spam attacks until they die, your character will sustain significant damage during the fight. As a result, you'll have to spend many resources on healing and repairing armor. To avoid this, abandon primitive combat tactics and learn to act strategically.

Level up or die

There are ten skills available for character development in the game. Improving these skills significantly increases your chances of survival in the virtual world. To develop skills, simply perform specific actions. However, remember a small but important feature of the game. When your character dies, all skill levels will be automatically reduced. The level reduction will vary for each skill, but in essence, death sets back the player's progress. That's why you should try to die as infrequently as possible in Valheim.

Proper respawn point placement

Initially, after character death, they will respawn at a random location on the map. This can be quite inconvenient because you'll have to run back to the place of death and continue your journey. You can make it easier for yourself by setting up a respawn point. It should be placed in your own dwelling right after its creation.

In Valheim, the respawn is represented by a bed and a campfire. Both items should be placed next to each other. However, you need to arrange them carefully, taking into account the features of your base. For example, if your house is made of wood, it would be unsafe to leave the campfire inside. Upon returning, you might discover a pile of charred logs. This is another realistic aspect of the game.

To maintain the integrity of your base, it is recommended to place the bed inside the building near an outer wall, and leave the campfire outside next to it. In this way, your house will be protected, and after death, your character will respawn at your base instead of an unknown location surrounded by monsters and other players.

Hunting boars

In Valheim, players encounter a large number of enemies. There are other players, various monsters, and simple wild animals. You can hone your skills and gather valuable resources by hunting them. In the beginning, it is better to focus on hunting boars. These creatures are not afraid of the player and won't run away. Therefore, the character can easily kill a sufficient number of boars to craft a bow. With a bow, you can then start hunting more agile animals like deer, which never stay in one place.

The first boss is always the toughest

Valheim allows players to fight bosses and receive unique upgrades from them. This makes finding a boss one of the top priorities. So, right after creating good weapons and armor, you should set out to find the first serious opponent - Eikthyr. It resides not far from the starting point of the game. To summon the boss, you need to use the deer trophy.

Of course, it's not recommended to face Eikthyr with a simple stick. You need to craft advanced weapons, such as an advanced bow or flint knife. For protection, the character will need at least leather armor, which can be crafted from boar or deer hides. When all the gear is ready, you should gather your strength, replenish your supplies, and head into battle. After defeating the boss, you need to collect the trophy and activate it at the respawn point. As a result, the player will receive many bonuses that significantly ease the character's life in the world of Valheim.

All these secrets will help the player feel more comfortable in the harsh world of the Vikings. If you do everything right, your character will have no equals and will easily overcome their opponents.

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