How to sleep in Valheim: build a bed and light a fire.

3 apr 2021 at 9:08

To help you build a bed in the game, you will first need to create a roof and light a campfire. So, let's see how to do it. 

Why do you need a bed in Valheim

In Valheim, the campfire is used to cook food (with a spit) and keep warm on cold evenings. The bed is also an important item in the game because it allows you to respawn in a specific location after death.  

If you don't have a bed, your respawn location will be determined randomly. This can be detrimental to your inventory, which is lost upon death. After the Viking rests on the bed, they wake up with a short-term bonus called "Rested." 

During sleep, time in the game advances to a new day. Your gathering and processing tools continue to work, giving you a 100% advantage. You can gather resources around the clock while resting. If your bed is destroyed, your respawn point will revert to the starting point. 

Building a campfire

You will need a campfire for sleep. Unfortunately, a torch does not have the desired effect. 

To build a campfire, you need the following materials: 

  1. Stones - 5;

  2. Wood - 2;

  3. Hammer;

  4. Wood to fuel the fire.

If you load the campfire to only one-tenth, it will last for 1 hour and 23 minutes. When the fire is fully loaded, it will last for half a day. 

You can only place the campfire on stones, the ground, or on special structures (anything made of wood won't work). If the weather is rainy, you'll need a roof, otherwise, the campfire won't work. 

When the campfire is destroyed, you'll only be compensated with 5 stones. The wood used for construction will not be returned. In truth, standing near the campfire provides an additional buff, but the bed is primarily necessary for respawning on it. 

How to build a bed in Valheim

To build a bed, you need the following material: 

  1. Wood - 8;

  2. Workbench.

In order for the bed to function, you'll need to create a floor and a roof above and below it. But for that, you'll need a campfire, and it can only be lit on the ground or stones. 

Here's a little trick for you - light the campfire near the door but close to the bed as well. However, this won't work if it starts raining as it will extinguish the fire. Therefore, you won't be able to sleep on the bed. Also, be careful when leaving the house so as not to accidentally bump into the campfire. 

How to build a campfire inside a house in Valheim

To avoid the aforementioned issues, you'll need to build a proper house. It may seem not too difficult, but in reality, it requires a lot of effort. First, remove the wooden floor tiles and light a campfire.

Sometimes the ground surface is not completely even, in which case you'll need to use a hoe to level the terrain. However, another problem may arise - the campfire inside the house can emit smoke.

This is actually very dangerous because smoke accumulates under the roof, and it contains carbon monoxide, which can damage your character. To ensure that the smoke is vented out of the house, you need to build a chimney. If you don't have enough materials for a full-fledged chimney, you can simply create a hole in the house - it will partially solve the problem.

You need to build a barrier around the campfire and then a proper chimney above it. Leave one side open so that you can see the fire. Place a low wall on one side, and you'll have a complete fireplace.

This approach completely solves the smoke problem and makes your house quite presentable. Make a triangular roof over the chimney. This will allow the chimney to function without being exposed to moisture or rain.

Sleeping process in Valheim

Have you done everything described above? Congratulations, now you can go to sleep. Just follow a few simple steps, and the mission is complete. The timing is crucial for sleeping - evening or night. There should be no enemies around you, and the bed should be inside the house. If you got wet during your explorations, it's better to stand near the campfire to dry off.

Now you can truly rest and receive a pleasant bonus in the form of a rested Viking.

Comfort level is one of the attributes in Valheim. It is not a characteristic of the character itself, but something that can be fully acquired. If the Viking is well-rested, they will become more enduring and stronger, which will be useful for your journey.

Upgrade your house level to increase comfort.
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