All codes for The Sims 4 "Seasons": Weather Control and Season Change

31 jan 2021 at 11:33

The Sims 4 expansion pack "Seasons" includes some unique codes: weather control and, of course, skill progression for seasonal activities. 

In this guide, we will show you all the codes for the "Seasons" expansion pack in The Sims 4.

How to Enter Codes in The Sims 4

  • To use codes in The Sims 4, press Control + Shift + C to enable and disable the console. 
  • For most cheats, you must first enter testingcheats on to enable their use. 
  • Press the enter key after entering the cheat. You can close the console again by pressing Control + Shift + C.

Skill Code: Flower Arranging

The Seasons expansion pack includes one important skill - Flower Arranging. Enter stats.set_skill_level major_flowerarranging 10 or stats.set_skill_level adultmajor_flowerarranging 10, replacing 10 with the preferred level (10 is the maximum).

Career Code: Gardener

Use the cheat careers.promote gardener to advance your gardening skill.

How to Make an Adult Sim a Scout

If you like, you can give scouting abilities to adults who don't have the opportunity to engage in this fun activity. Enter traits.equip_trait scoutingaptitude to gain the skills and bonuses available only to scouts.

Cheat Codes for Sim's Weather Resistance

  • traits.equip_trait coldacclimation - increases cold resistance.
  • traits.equip_trait heatacclimation - heat acclimation - increases heat resistance.
  • traits.equip_trait burningman - heatproof - resistance to hot weather.
  • traits.equip_trait iceman - frostproof - immune to cold weather.
  • traits.equip_trait stormchaser - storm chaser - makes Sims enjoy storms.

Cheat Codes for Changing Weather in The Sims 4

To change the weather in The Sims 4, you need to first download the All Cheats Mod.

Download weather-changing mod

How to install the mod: You need to place the .ts4script file in the Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder and in the game options section, click "Enable Mods and Scripts." Restart the game, and the mod will activate these commands.

The cheat for changing weather is very simple: weather.start_weather_event event_code

Use it in any convenient way:

  • weather.start_weather_event weather_sunny_cool - makes the weather Sunny and cool (replace cool with cold if you want).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_sunny_warm - makes the weather Sunny and warm (replace warm with hot if you want).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_cloudy_cool - makes the weather Cloudy and cool (replace cool with cold if you want).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_cloudy_warm - makes the weather Cloudy and warm (replace warm with hot if you want).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_sunny_freezing - makes the weather Sunny but dangerously cold.
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_sunny_burning - makes the weather Sunny but dangerously hot.
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_heatwave - creates a heatwave (dangerously hot weather).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_rain_light_cool - makes the weather rainy with light rain and cool temperature (replace cool with warm or cold).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_rain_storm_cold - creates a thunderstorm (replace cold with warm if you want).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_rain_heavy_warm - creates heavy rain and warm weather (replace with cool or cold if you want).
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_snow_light_freezing - makes the weather snowy but very cold.
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_snow_heavy_freezing - makes the weather very snowy and cold.
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_sunshower_hot - rain and sunshine.
  • weather.start_weather_event weather_snow_thundersnow - hail.
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