The Best Sex Mods for The Sims 4 of All Time

18 jan 2021 at 21:19

The Sims 4 still enjoys decent demand, even considering its not-so-young age. 

The article is dedicated to all the top and most original sex mods in Sims 4. The compilation includes absolutely all adult mods: both the oldest ones and recently released ones. Let's go!

Adult Life 

A modification that includes raunchy conversations for sims. Tired of the game's standard dialogues? Install the mod and enjoy the original voice acting. For example, characters can discuss topics like what turns them on or ask for something "rougher" in the heat of the moment.  

It is fair to note that the mod is not just about being vulgar; it has made the characters more talkative. They can now discuss absolutely any events. Imagine, now sims can confess their infidelity or something else. We warn you, players have the ability to gossip, so watch your tongue. 

Download ADULT LIFE for Sims 4

Visit Brothel

This mod allows you to visit a brothel. Not a massive modification, but still worth it for The Sims 4. In fact, it introduces the aspect that a sim can visit a brothel. 

The mod authors have contributed not only to physical pleasure but also to skill improvement as a result. One small detail: be careful, the possibility of getting lice has appeared in the game. 

Download VISIT BROTHEL for Sims 4


Thanks to this mod, you can use sexy outfits in Sims 4. Now you have a huge variety of clothing to play role-playing games. 

The mod aims to improve intimate scenes in the game. 

Download LOVEBOB for Sims 4

Better Romance

This modification adds romance to Sims 4. You all know that romance in the game is quite mediocre: meeting, dating, marriage. It's banal, the mod authors thought and made it better. 

The mod adds a large number of possibilities that determine the success of your flirting. Now, to find a partner, you'll have to put in some effort. 

Download Better Romance for Sims 4

Sex Addict

In Sims 4, a sexual addiction has become available. You can purchase this trait for only 500 points. Once you have acquired this feature, you will always crave intimacy when alone. 

Various dialogues have also been added. For example, you can complain about your problem and ask for help. Through regular use of this ability, there is a chance of developing a sexual disorder. 

Download SEX ADDICT for Sims 4

Adult TV channels

A modification that allows you to watch adult movies on TV.

Now, all channels will have access to erotic parodies of the most popular games. 

Download ADULT TV CHANNELS for Sims 4

Woohoo with Father Winter 

With this mod, you will have the opportunity to woohoo with Father Winter. This modification is very relevant right now. 

It allows you to seduce Father Winter and do so very easily by selecting the appropriate option during a conversation.


Take Sexual Education Class

The famous sexual education mod for Sims 4. If you still think that adult life is not so important in the game, then you should install this mod immediately. 

It will send you to classes on sexual literacy and the basics of flirting. After the courses, your character will forget what hesitancy and shyness in bed are. 

Download Take Sexual Education Class for Sims 4


Modification in Sims 4 for explicit photos. Do you know the website where "creative people" earn money from their photos? Now it's available in the game. You can personally contribute your "body part" to it. 

Everything is very simple - the modification provides access to a completely new feature called "sex worker." If you acquire this skill, you can earn decent money from your photos. You can also increase the demand for your photos and eventually become famous. 

Download ONLYSIMS for Sims 4

Adult Careers

This Sims 4 mod allows you to become a porn star. The name speaks for itself, but let's provide some comments. The mod offers several development options. 

You can be a harmless model or an escort. The third option is to become a pimp. The fourth way to use the mod is the vagabond path. This is truly something new. 

Download ADULT CAREERS for Sims 4

Palace of Pleasure — Stripclub / Brothel / BDSM-Club

Another brothel mod, but with significant expansions. Now, with enough money, you can open your own adult business in Sims 4. There's nothing unusual on the outside, but the interior atmosphere is something else. 

Inside, there's a full-fledged brothel with poles, naked girls, and massage rooms. Want to feel like the owner of all this? Welcome. 


Now you can increase the male genitalia in Sims 4. You can also use the mod to give yourself the body of an ancient Greek god of beauty descended from Olympus.

To make everything even more realistic, you need to combine it with a graphics enhancement mod. 

Download BNX BTTB V5 for Sims 4

No Strings Attached

Have you ever had friends with benefits in Sims 4? If not, install this mod. 

Now there's no need to court your Sim for a long time because with this mod, you don't need to. The important thing is to become friends with the Sim you like. 

Download NO STRINGS ATTACHED for Sims 4

Breast Augmentation

This mod can increase breast size in Sims 4 to any desired size. 

There's not much to say about the mod - if you love curvy figures, then download it and enjoy. 


And that's all from us! We hope you enjoyed our selection of sex mods for Sims 4. 

Author: Niysha

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