How to Join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield

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Crimson Fleet - one of the playable factions of space pirates in Starfield that players can join. This is an independent group that follows its own laws and opposes another faction - the United Colonies, which, in turn, uphold legality and order.

In this guide, you will learn how to join the Crimson Fleet and start the faction's mission chain.

How to Join the Crimson Fleet

There are two options that grant you access to the faction:

  • Commit a crime on the territory of the United Colonies - theft, attempted murder, smuggling, etc., to unlock the quest "Deep Cover";
  • Start the same quest "Deep Cover" chain but not after being caught by the guards, but as part of the storyline - the consequences won't be different.

The quest "Deep Cover" is the beginning of a major questline in which you must choose which side you'll stand with: the Crimson Fleet or the United Colonies. Keep in mind that the faction left without your support will disappear from the Starfield world forever.

Committing a Crime

In this case, simply initiate any unlawful action on the territory of the United Colonies. The territory's affiliation with a specific faction will be displayed on the map.

After being caught by the guards, you will be brought to Captain Ikande, who will comment on your actions and offer you undercover work. Your task: infiltrate the Crimson Fleet's base, gain their trust, and carry out missions.

You can refuse Ikande's offer. In that case, you will simply be sent to a prison cell to serve your sentence.

Important! During your collaboration with the Crimson Fleet, you will also start the mission "Burden of Proof", in which you need to find 20 pieces of evidence and deliver them to Jillian Toft. For completing the quest, you will receive 2400 credits for each piece of evidence and the unique weapon "Memento Mori" pistol. We have provided the location of each piece of evidence in a separate guide.

Please note that you need to collect the evidence BEFORE the last mission in the Crimson Fleet quest chain - "Eye Of The Storm."

Without Committing a Crime

If you previously independently started the United Colonies quest chain, Commander John Tuala will inform you that Ikande needs your help. Go to the captain, listen to the same dialogue - only without mentioning that you committed a crime - and start the same undercover quest chain.

You can join the United Colonies through a couple of storyline quests, namely - after completing the quest "The Old Neighborhood." You will find yourself in New Atlantis at the MAST Tower. There, you will first speak with Tuala, who will tell you about the Colony's tasks and your mission.

Immediately after completing the quest "Rook Meets King" and talking to Delgado, pirate ships will no longer be hostile and attack you in open space.

What Happens When You Join the Crimson Fleet

Once you gain the trust of Delgado and the Fleet, the faction's mission chain will begin. Here, you simply need to follow the storyline and gradually move towards making the final choice - siding with the Colonies or the Fleet.

Ultimately, only the final choice will have a global impact on the story. Companions will also react to your decision. All 4 companions will react negatively to choosing the Crimson Fleet's side, and if your relationship with them is not close enough, their attitude towards you will turn to dislike or even hatred. 

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