History Of Prince Orpheus in Baldur's Gate 3: how to find all parts

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History Of Prince Orpheus – an additional quest in the Second Act, during which you will learn the story of the githyanki prince-warrior. To reconstruct the chronology of events and discover the complete story, you need to find 3 discs. The quest will begin as soon as you find at least one of them. The sequence of discovery is not important - you can find the discs in any order.

Location of all githyanki discs

Only a githyanki can understand the information written on the found discs. This will be your character if you have chosen the corresponding race, or Lae'zel if she is in your party. In the second case, place the disc in your inventory, play as the githyanki, and read the records.

Disc in the Arcane Tower

The first note is found on the Arcane Tower in the Underdark. You won't be able to access the upper floors easily - you need to activate an elevator. To do this:

  1. Descend to the lower level and collect the Sussur Bloom. The plant will be in the center of the room, noticeable by its characteristic bluish glow;
  2. Return and unlock the locked door on the first floor of the tower;
  3. Place the flower in the energy generator, which will activate the elevator;
  4. Return to the second floor and step onto the elevator.

The disc will be on one of the tables just after exiting the elevator. You can try reading the disc immediately, but it's better to first place it in your inventory and allow Lae'zel to do it.

Disc in Githyanki Creche

Head to the Githyanki Creche or Y'llek. Finding the second note is associated with a significant moral choice. You'll witness a scene: Githyanki Youth Varrl is being reprimanded for disobedience. You can take one of the following actions:

  • Intervene in the argument and save Varrl's life;
  • Observe what's happening and do nothing. In this case, the boy will die.

The disc is with Varrl. If you allow him to die, you can loot the note from his body. If you stand up for the boy, you can compel him to give you the disc, which Varrl will agree to do.

Disc in Moonrise Towers

The next location is Moonrise Towers. To learn how to gain access to the location and remove the curse, refer to a separate guide. One option is to obtain the blessing of Isobel. She will give you the Moonlantern if you help her escape from Marcus. The ultimate goal is in Balthazar's locked cabinet.

How to find the last disc:

  1. Go to the second floor of the towers and speak with Adept Z'rell;
  2. Adept Z'rell will provide you with the key to Balthazar's cabinet so you can complete his task;
  3. Head to Balthazar's cabinet and inspect the bookshelf. The final note will be on it.

Once you have collected all the pieces, let Lae'zel read them and talk to the githyanki. The story of Prince Orpheus is not over yet – you'll learn more about his fate in the Third Act, closer to the end of the game.

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