The best build for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves: teams, echoes, weapons and more

10 jun 2024 at 17:05

Yinlin is a legendary event character in Wuthering Waves, who wields a rectifier and controls the Electro element.

Yinlin role in the team: primarily a sub-DPS who does not require prolonged presence on the field. Of course, she can also serve as a main damage dealer, but her potential as a buffer would be wasted. While her ultimate is working and dealing continuous damage, the main DPS, who needs more field time, will be able to deal even more damage. In this guide, you will learn how to build Yinlin in Wuthering Waves, as well as which echoes, weapons, and teams are best suited for her. Let's get started!

Best Echoes for Yinlin

Yinlin has several good Echoes: Bird of Impermanence Heron, Thundering Mephis, and Tempest Mephis. The first option with the bird is suitable only if you decide to make Yinlin a sub-DPS and add a second main DPS to the team (not the best option for DPS Yinlin).

Impermanence Heron

Thundering Mephis or Tempest Mephis (suitable even for DPS Yinlin)

Best sets for Yinlin:

  • Best: Х5 Void Thunder
  • Second best: Х5 Moonlit Clouds (only if there is another main DPS)
  • Х2 Void Thunder + Х2 Lingering Tunes
  • Х2 Void Thunder on Х2 Moonlit Clouds

Main Echo stats:

  • 4-cost Echo: Crit DMG or Crit Rate
  • 3-cost Echo: Electro DMG Bonus
  • 1-cost Echo: ATK

Sub-stats: Crits, ATK%, ATK.

Best weapons for Yinlin

The best option for Yinlin is her signature rectifier. Next on the list is the 5* standard weapon.

Other options:

  • Augment P1 - an excellent four-star option;
  • Jinzhou Keeper P1 - also works great on Yinlin;
  • Rectifier of Night P5 - a cheap option, ideally replaced in the future.

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Best teams with Yinlin

As of version 1.1, the best character synergy with Yinlin is with Kalcharo – under her wing, he becomes much stronger. Other characters she works well with: Verina, Enkor, Chaos Rover.

Team examples:

  • Yinlin / Verina / Kalcharo
  • Yinlin / Verina (or Baizhi) / Encore (or Chaos Rover)

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