The best build for Encore in Wuthering Waves: teams, echoes, weapons and more

3 jun 2024 at 11:36

Encore - a legendary standard character in Wuthering Waves. Although she appears weak, she is actually a very powerful combat machine. 

Encore role in the team: Main ranged DPS, capable of dealing massive damage in melee during her Ultimate. In addition to good numbers, Encore generates Energy excellently, but she is still waiting for the perfect ally. This character is an excellent unit for the Tower of Confrontation. In this guide, you will learn how to build Encore in Wuthering Waves, including the best Echo, weapons, and teams for her. Let's go!

Best build for Encore in Wuthering Waves

First, let's take a look at Encore skills from Wuthering Waves.

Encore Skills

Best Echo for Encore

The best and most versatile Echo for Encore is Hellrider. It can be used in almost all 2X2 sets. 

Best Echo - Hellrider

Echo for X5 Lingering Tunes build

Best sets for Encore:

  • Best: X5 Molten Rift for Pyro damage.
  • X5 Lingering Tunes for ATK
  • X2 Molten Rift and X2 Lingering Tunes
  • X2 Molten Rift (or X2 Lingering Tunes) and X2 VE

Main stats for Encore:

  • Echo costing 4: Crit damage or crit rate
  • Echo costing 3: Fusion damage bonus
  • Echo costing 1: ATK

Sub stats: Energy Recharge (up to 20%), crit damage or crit rate, ATK%, ATK, base damage.

Best weapon for Encore

The best option for Encore is a five-star standard weapon.  R1 Augment is about 11% less in damage compared to the standard, but at R5 it can compete with it. R1 Jinzhou Keeper serves as a 4* alternative, with a nice passive and lots of ATK. If nothing else is available, temporary options are: Rectifier of Night R5 and R5 Guardian Rectifier.

 Telegram channel for Wuthering Waves

Best teams with Encore

Encore currently doesn't have a character with whom she combines 100%. Characters she feels good with in a team: Verina, Baizhi, and Sanhua.

Author: Niysha

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