DLC for Valheim: What to Expect, When It Will Release, and More

19 feb 2021 at 11:59

There is very little time left until the new Valheim patch, which will bring interesting changes to the game: bosses, biomes, and more.  Currently, your character is an ancient Viking who must survive in medieval conditions. The sequel is constantly evolving, so we will soon see a major patch. 

Valheim is a game about Vikings, Odin, monsters, and ordinary people. The God of War locked the monsters away from humanity, but they refused to obey and adapted to the conditions in which they were placed.  

As you know, the game is still in the development stage, but it has already gathered 96% positive reviews. Does this mean that the developers hit the mark? Yes, definitely. When the full expansion is released, Valheim promises to become even more immersive and interesting. 

Full DLC List for Valheim

The developers did not keep the intrigue this time and announced all the new features in advance. In the near future, we will be able to see the following expansions:

  1. Hearth and Home. This is the main feature of this expansion. The creators will add many small household details: cleaning, cooking, and building. 

  2. Cult of the Wolf. Exploring the lands will become even more captivating, according to the developers. However, what exactly the creators will enrich the area with is still unknown. 

  3. Ships and the Sea. In this patch, we will be able to sail on a brand new Viking longship. It is based on real blueprints. The entire ocean will be filled with content, leaving boredom behind. 

  4. Mistlands. In this case, we can expect a separate map, a whole new world. Naturally, there will be new monsters, resources, and more. 

When the full version of the game is ready, we will have nine different maps. Each of them will have a main boss. It is also possible that there will be intermediate bosses. Defeating the ultimate enemy in each biome won't be an easy task, and thorough preparation will be necessary. 

The main drawback of the game is terrible optimization, so if you have a weak PC, you'll have to stand aside. The hope is that the developers will work on optimization soon. 

Due to these issues, the release date of the full version of Valheim is currently unknown. 

Author: Niysha

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