Valheim: Full List of Cheats and Console Commands

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Valheim gained quite a high popularity on Steam immediately after its release. The game was even featured on the store's front page, which made many players aware of this survival game. In addition to interesting gameplay and well-developed survival mechanics, the game also has mods and a large number of cheats and console commands that help and significantly ease various aspects of the game. In this article, we will explore all available cheats and commands for Valheim.

Using cheats: how to use cheats and console commands in Valheim

Many games initially do not support a developer console, which requires downloading various cheats that often contain viruses and miners. However, the Valheim developers took care of the players and included this possibility in the game. The console has several features that we will clarify in the article. It is not difficult to open the console.

Opening the console: simply press the F5 key while in the game, and the developer console will open, allowing you to enter cheats.

But! In order to access full console commands, you need to enter a universal code.

 imacheater or devcommands - the code that needs to be entered in the open console. It means "I am a cheater" in translation. After entering it, you will gain access to other commands, and the full list will be below. If you have already updated the game to version 0.148.6, then enter the second code.

Cheats for single-player mode in Valheim

After performing the aforementioned actions, you can already use these cheats. These commands are suitable only for single-player mode, but there are also specific codes for cooperative play, which we will definitely cover in the article. Meanwhile, here is the full list of cheats for single-player mode in Valheim.

 Note that the square brackets in which various names are written should not be present in the game. In other words, you need to enter any values from the brackets, but you don't need the brackets themselves, as the commands will not work with them.

Console command

Command Action


Main command that activates the ability to enter console commands in single-player mode. Use the second code if you have updated the game to version 0.148.6.

spawn [item name] [quantity] [level]

Everything is pretty clear here. Thanks to this command, you will be able to obtain almost any in-game item in any quantity, which will significantly simplify the game. Find all item names in Valheim here. 


This is a kind of creative mode with many interesting features. We will look at the creative mode functions separately, a little later in the article.


As you can understand from the name, this cheat for Valheim turns you into a God, making you immortal, and you can destroy everything with a single blow.


By using this command, you become completely invisible to your enemies.


Means "flight mode" in translation, allows you to fly, travel quickly around the world, and pass certain obstacles. 


Shows your current position. You will find out your coordinates. These coordinates will be useful in many places, including for the next console command.

goto [x],[y]

After using the console command, you will be teleported to the specified point, to the specified coordinates.

goto [x],[y],[z]

Teleports again, but taking into account the [z] factor. 


If you don't like where your character spawns (spawn point), with this console command, you can easily change it. 


Means "heal" in translation. After using it, your character will be fully healed. 


Console command that restores hunger and stamina to their initial state.

raiseskill [ability name] [level]. 

After using it, the character's skills will be improved to the specified level. It can also be used to decrease the level of a specific skill.


Resets the character to its initial state by resetting abilities and inventory.


If you've always dreamed of being bald, this is your chance.


Lose your magnificent beard with this command.

model [0-1]

This command allows you to change your character's gender at any time.


In the game, there is a concept called "fog of war," which obscures unexplored parts of the map. This command completely removes the fog of war.


The previous command removed the fog of war, and this command completely resets the explored parts of the map, restoring the fog of war.

wind [angle 0-360] [intensity 0-1]

Allows you to set the wind at a chosen angle (specified in the first brackets) and with a certain intensity (0 or 1, specified in the second brackets).


If you used the previous Valheim console command, this code will reset all wind parameters to their initial state.

tod [0-1]

If you want to change the time of day, this console command will help. You need to enter values between 0 and 1. These values represent the time at midnight. You can set 0.5 or other values to achieve different results.

tod -1

This command will reset everything to the default state if you used the previous command.

skiptime [seconds]

As the name suggests, it allows you to skip time in the game. Simply fast-forward the game by the specified number of seconds.


This command allows you to skip an entire day by sleeping. 


After using this command, all enemies within a certain radius will instantly die (enemies in your field of view). 


With this Valheim cheat, you can remove all the dropped items lying around. This is mainly done to get rid of clutter and improve FPS. 

event [name]

Simply triggers the selected event at any available time.


If there is any ongoing event (including the one you triggered), it will instantly stop after entering this command.


You won't have to choose an event yourself. Simply enter the command, and the game will randomly start some event.

players [count]

This command works for both single-player and multiplayer. With this command, the game system will automatically adjust the difficulty based on the number of players. Setting the value to 0 resets everything to the default state. If you choose 1, the difficulty will be set to normal, and if you choose a higher value, it will become more challenging. 

ffsmooth [0-1]

This Valheim console command does not directly affect gameplay but sets the camera smoothing level.

setkey [name]

If you want to create a unique world generation key, this command will help. 

resetkeys [name]

After entering this command, the global key will be reset.


If you want to see the full list of global keys, enter this command.

env [env]

Used to activate the debug environment.


Use this command to reset the effects of the previous environment debug command.


Another command related to the debug environment, it allows you to set the debug environment with DPS changes. 

Cooperative Console Commands and Cheats in Valheim

We have covered cheats for single-player Valheim. This is a complete list. Now let's explore console commands that are suitable for multiplayer or cooperative play. With these console commands, you can effectively manage your server. Unlike the other codes, the codes listed below do not require entering the "imacheater" command.

Console CommandFunction
helpThe most basic console command that opens a list of all available codes for convenient use.
saveSaves the game and server.
pingAllows you to check the ping of your server.
infoA simple command that provides basic information about the game and the system.
lodbias [0-5]Allows you to set the level of detail bias. Lower values make textures closer to the player render better, while distant landscapes become less visible.
kick [player nickname or Steam ID or IP]Simply kicks any player from the server. You can use either their nickname, Steam ID from the Steam store, or their IP address.
ban [player nickname or Steam ID or IP]Same as the previous command, but it also bans the player's account. If you ban by IP, the player with that IP will no longer be able to join your server.
unban [player nickname or Steam ID or IP]If you used the previous command to ban a player but changed your mind and want to unban them, this command will come in handy.
bannedAfter entering this command, a complete list of banned players will be displayed, which you can use for unbanning, for example.

These are all the console commands for cooperative mode or multiplayer in Valheim.

To use some of these commands (Kick, Ban), you need to have administrator rights on the server.

Creative Mode: How to Enable and Its Features

Let's now look at how you can enable creative mode in Valheim and the features it provides.

 Enter the console command "imacheater" to activate the cheat, then open the console again with the F5 key and enter the following command: "debugmode". There you go, you have activated creative mode!

That's straightforward, but what advantages does this mode offer? Actually, quite a lot!

  • You gain access to the flying mode without using other console commands. Pressing the Z key activates this mode, allowing you to fly without any restrictions.
  • There's also a convenient way to use the "killall" command with a single key (default: K). When pressed in this mode, all enemies within your field of view will be instantly killed.
  • Pressing B will stop resources from being consumed, allowing you to build infinitely. Another notable aspect is that you no longer need workbenches for crafting in this mode, and you have access to all resources in the game.
Keep in mind that you won't become immortal. It will be difficult to kill you due to flying, but it can still be done. Use the separate console command "god" for immortality.
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