All WooHoo locations in The Sims 4

5 aug 2023 at 7:51

WooHoo - mechanics and romantic interaction of characters in Sims 4, replacing and censoring the sexual act. Players have a choice of two actions: just WooHoo or conceive a child. "Fun" can be had by young, adult, and elderly characters.

Teenagers cannot engage in full-fledged WooHoo. But they have another interaction available - "Fooling around." It completely replicates the mechanics of WooHoo but without the possibility of getting pregnant.

Next, you will learn about all the places and locations available for WooHoo in The Sims 4.


Classic location available with the base game. To start, both characters must have access to a double bed on both sides. Make sure that at least half of the game grid is free for passage.

You can place the bed anywhere, even in a public area - it won't bother the sims. But they may be embarrassed if other characters catch them in indecent activities.


Also available with the base game. There are several ways to get on a spaceship: build it yourself in your backyard or visit the "GeekCon" festival, available with the "Get Together" expansion pack. The third way is to become a scientist from the "Get to Work" expansion pack.

In the first case, go into build mode and find the rocket foundation. For the second option, wait for the start of the "GeekCon" festival. It takes place weekly on Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The spaceship in San Myshuno will be fully or partially built. Perhaps your character will have to apply their skills and finish building the rocket on their own. In the scientist career lab, the spaceship is also built from scratch.

No rocket science skill is needed to engage in WooHoo in space.


Available with the base game. You can buy it in build mode or visit the "GeekCon" festival or the Myshuno Meadows lot - the central park of San Myshuno. You can place the item in any public location. Sims enter a small booth under the telescope, which starts shaking, and hearts and fireworks scatter around.


In previous parts, the shower was a standard item for WooHoo and was added with the base game. But in Sims 4, it's only available with the "Discover University" expansion pack.

Characters automatically change into towels and hide behind steam - you won't be able to peek at them. The action is preceded by an animation of passionate kisses.

Hot Tub

Initially available only with the "Backyard Stuff" expansion pack. Later, the developers added hot tubs to the base game. Characters cannot start the process if other sims are in the hot tub. They will automatically start getting out when you press the action button.


Introduced with the "Spa Day" expansion pack. You can send characters to any spa or set up the object from build mode.

Note: the spa is not available in the default town. The game will prompt you to place it on the map if you have installed the "Spa Day" expansion pack. The lot is located in the Gallery, author - Maxis.


Tents came with the "Outdoor Retreat" expansion pack. You can buy it in build mode or in the store at the Granite Falls vacation lot. The tent is stored in the sim's inventory and can be placed anywhere.


Alternative to standard closets introduced with the "Get Together" expansion pack. In functionality, it replicates a regular wardrobe, with the only exception being the possibility of WooHoo. Available for teenagers.


In the buy mode, select the "With Respect" bush with pink heart-shaped leaves. With it, characters can engage in WooHoo outdoors, in public places, or on the home lot.

Coffin and Bat Form

This action is available only for vampires. Move into any house (with furniture!) in Forgotten Hollow or buy a coffin in build mode.

Vampires can engage in WooHoo in human form or transform into bats. The second option is available anywhere - the characters will transform and immediately fly into the air.

Leaf Pile

Appears in public places during autumn foliage when you have the "Seasons" expansion pack installed. Sims can either collect the pile themselves or buy it in build mode.

If the pile has been sitting for a while and has rotted, sims will feel uncomfortable after WooHoo.


A picturesque location on Deadgrass Isle from "Island Living" expansion pack. Sims climb to the highest point of the tower and find solitude.

Money Vault

The money vault is a large wardrobe with a security system where the family can keep their money. It looks like a closet from "Get Together" expansion pack. It appeared in "Get Famous" expansion pack.

If you add a large amount of money to the vault, a pile of money will appear inside. In it, characters can engage in WooHoo just like in the leaf pile.

Outpost "Black Spire"

Outpost is a transfer point for your characters where they can rest and replenish their needs. Due to the cold reception of the Batuu game pack by players, this place is considered one of the rarest for engaging in WooHoo.

Interesting fact: during the animation, music from "Star Wars" plays.

Hot Spring

Available on a public lot - the onsen bath on the snowy resort. Similar to WooHoo with a jacuzzi.

Two types of hot springs are available in build mode. There is a risk of being caught by other characters.

Ice Cave

This location is available only during a unique event - an expedition to Mount Komorebi. At the only transfer point, sims can "rest" and replenish their needs.

Animal Barn

The barn is a separate small house for farm animals, cows, and llamas. It came with the "Cottage Living" expansion pack. Your sims can use the barn for purposes other than intended.

During the animation, a heart will appear above the house, but it's not the usual heart - it's made of straw.

Photo Booth

Appears during the prom event in the "High School" expansion pack in the game world of Copperdale. If you haven't had a chance to visit the booth, don't worry. Your character will have several opportunities to visit the prom during their teenage years.

Tunnel of Love, Ferris Wheel, and Haunted House

All three places are available on the amusement park lot on the pier in Copperdale. The mechanics are the same: sims enter the "rabbit hole" and disappear for a while, while hearts and fireworks appear around.

In all three locations, sims can get caught, and the "romantic adventure" will be interrupted.


The treehouse is the latest new place for WooHoo, added at the time of the "Ranch Life" expansion pack. The treehouse is designed for family gameplay, so children can only build it with the help of adults. Depending on the place of WooHoo, the mood of the characters will change. For example, engaging in love in a trash bin will give the character the moodlet "Messy Flirt": +3 happiness for 2 hours. And careless "games" in the closet will give the moodlet "Hanger": +1 discomfort for 4 hours.

WooHoo for werewolves and mermaids does not differ. Werewolves can isolate themselves in all the mentioned places, and mermaids only need to take on a human form.



Sleep Capsule

Available in the "Beds" section in build mode.

The animation is quite interesting: the capsule starts spinning around its axis, and a cardiogram with hearts appears on the panel. At the end of the animation, sims turn over and fall to the floor, just like in the coffin. The capsule also replenishes needs.


To find a waterfall, you need "Island Living" expansion pack. Head to the Muah Pelem wild island. The waterfall is located at the edge of the map.

During the animation, sims hide behind the beautiful water stream - very cinematic.

Trash Can

Not the nicest but still an interesting place. The trash can is available in the "Eco Lifestyle" expansion pack in buy mode or on all community lots in Evergreen Harbor.

In addition, sims can find furniture, food, and resources for recycling and creating eco-friendly items.

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