Where and how to get a machete in The Sims 4

10 jan 2022 at 22:47

The machete in The Sims 4 appeared along with the "Jungle Adventure" add-on. However, not every player knows how and where to find the machete. In fact, it is quite easy to do, but there is so much content in the game that you sometimes don't even notice the most banal things. 

When you first visit Selvadorada, this item automatically appears in your Sim's inventory. That is, the entire process is automated, so nothing needs to be bought or found separately. The machete will help you get to the most inaccessible places in the jungle.

But what if you lost the machete? Yes, it happens, but don't despair. To buy a machete in The Sims 4, just go to the market and look for local traders. To be more precise, you should go to the "Jaguar on the Tree" restaurant. Next to this location there are traders, separate points, small shops on tables, and it is from them that you can buy a machete. 

 The assortment of traders is constantly updated, take this into account. There is a certain probability that the machete may not appear there. In this case, just wait a few days, after which their inventory will be updated, and with a certain probability the machete will appear there.

Note that the machete can be purchased both from the purchase menu and by talking to the seller. 

Author: Swordself14

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