How to rent out a house in The Sims 4

19 mar 2024 at 11:47

With the addition of The Sims 4 "For Rent", a new unique feature has been introduced - renting out houses. Now your characters can buy property or invite other Sims into their homes to make some good money, of course, if you're willing to spend simoleons on acquiring new real estate. In this guide, we'll detail how to rent out property in The Sims 4 and what nuances of this feature should be considered.

What type of property can be rented out?

Any property you decide to purchase or create yourself, but the type of lot is singular - residential. You can turn both vacant and already inhabited lots into rental properties. However, if you rent out a property with an active household, its members will merge with your Sims. This works the same as merging households after marriage or a regular move. Consider whether you're ready to take responsibility for a few more characters.

You can turn one large house into multi-apartments. Create a communal living space and divide it into separate rooms, each of which can be assigned to a specific Sim or family. The number of zones is unlimited. To create a lot, you must have a bathroom, refrigerator, toilet, and other essential items.

By the way, your character can also live in rented accommodation. Just choose a separate room for them - no rent is charged, as the property belongs to your character. Other tenants will occupy their rooms without interfering with your personal space.

What are the benefits of renting out a house?

The main benefit is profit. The character will receive a stable income from renting out the property. Note that tenants may complain about living conditions and demand improvements. The owner, in turn, can set rules and monitor the tenants' behavior. For example, demand to turn off loud music late at night or clean up after themselves. If the landlord and the tenant find common ground, the neighborhood will turn into a strong friendship, and the number of complaints and disagreements will be minimal. A Sim can purchase multiple properties for rent to increase their income. A great option in the later stages of the game when you've accumulated a pile of simoleons and don't know what to do with them.

How to rent out a house in The Sims 4?

Renting out a house is a type of business in The Sims 4, so you need to go to the corresponding tab - "Owned Businesses." Here, you can create accommodation that you will later rent out. You can also purchase a lot via the phone. If you want to make a house you already live in available for rent, switch to build mode and change the lot type to "Residential Rental". You can rent out both empty rooms and those previously occupied by your characters.

To rent out a specific room, select it in build mode and set the room's designation in the menu that appears. The living space can be made communal - it can be shared by each of the tenants. Typically, this includes the living room, kitchen, bathroom, game room, office, etc. - it's up to you.

In the detailed settings, you can:

  • rename the property;
  • check the price and size of the living space;
  • change the number of bathrooms and bedrooms;
  • select the property that will belong to a specific family, etc.

How to set rental rules?

The rules are specified in the lease agreement. You can specify them before renting out in a separate menu. Here are the details:

  • Daily rental rate (charged once a week);
  • Lease term - after this period, tenants can leave without restrictions and penalties;
  • House rules - mandatory conditions set by the owner regarding tenants;
  • Property rating - the rating of the property you are renting out based on characteristics, the costliness of the environment, cleanliness, and other factors.

Once you've set all the rental terms, click on the arrow and choose tenants who are suitable for your offer. It could be a couple, young singles, characters with pets/children, or even retirees. Choose neighbors to your liking.

How to increase and decrease property rating?

The better the property rating, the more justified the high price. And the more willing tenants will be to pay it. Don't expect high pay if the house is furnished with cheap furniture, is messy, and lacks additional amenities - large space, appliances, etc. The property rating will also decrease if you make changes to the lease agreement after signing the contract with the tenants. If tenants violate the terms of the contract, the landlord can always impose a fine on them. However, it's not guaranteed to improve their relationship. You can hand out fines remotely through the mailbox if the landlord lives on a different lot.

To maintain the prestige of the property, respond promptly to incidents and breakdowns. Clean up trash, fix appliances, get rid of ghosts and other minor nuisances. Host gold-star events, improve the surrounding space, and add decor. Maintain good

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