How to install the mod for Teardown

Mods for Teardown can be installed in various ways. Typically, the installation process is specified by the mod author in the description. However, if no specific instructions are provided, you can follow these general steps to install maps for Teardown:

1. Download the mod and open the archive using any file archiver program.
2. Navigate to the root folder of the game, where you can find the "Create" folder. Enter the "Create" folder.
3. Inside the "Create" folder, there should be another folder called "custom." Place the map files into that folder.
4. If the "custom" folder is not present, you can directly place the map files into the "Create" folder with the name of the map. This type of installation is suitable for certain mods that increase map slots.

Please note that some mods may also have an automatic installer, which simplifies the installation process.