Guilty Parties in Starfield: Choose Ularu or Imogene?

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"Guilty Parties" - the final quest in Starfield, related to the tasks of the Ryujin Industries faction. During the missions, you will get closer to solving the main mystery: who is the "mole" in Ryujin Industries that needs to be exposed?

In the quest "Guilty Parties," you will meet the traitor face to face, but the choice of whether to expose them to the corporation or pardon them will be up to you.

How to Start and Complete the "Guilty Parties" Quest

The quest will start automatically after completing Ryujin Industries' tasks. Talk to Dalton, who will tell you about his suspicions regarding Imogene.

Find Imogene

Go in search of Imogene in the executive office. She won't be there, so talk to her colleague - Yuko Serrano. She will give you directions to Frankie's Grab&Go store in the city of Neon.

After getting the information, return and talk to Dalton. He will direct you to Benjamin Bayu, who will provide you with access to the Syndicate's hideout.

Here, a side mini-quest will begin, in which you will need to fulfill Benjamin Bayu's request. An alternative option is to use the "Conviction" skill and immediately obtain the necessary information to access the hideout.

Once you finish the part of the quest with Benjamin, head to Frankie's Grab&Go store and talk to Franchesca Moore behind the bar. Choose the response option:

  • "I'm here on Rujin's behalf. I was told I'd be allowed inside."

Franchesca will point out Imogene's exact location. Proceed to the hideout and open the passage disguised as a refrigerator door.

Talk to Imogene

After talking to Imogene, you will learn the truth - she is innocent and is hiding because her life is in danger. Imogene was never involved in the conspiracy, and the real "mole" is Ularu, who tried to frame her. She will also provide evidence that clears her name and exposes Ularu.

You can choose two response options to the presented evidence:

  • "Fine. I'll take the slate to Dalton" - agree to help Imogene. Regardless of your choice, you can still side with Ularu later;
  • "I hope that award comes with a bonus" - attack Imogene.

Whom to Support: Imogene or Ularu?

After receiving the evidence, you can follow several paths:

  • Go to Dalton, tell him about Imogene's innocence, and hand over the evidence of Ularu's guilt - in other words, side with Imogene;
  • Go to Ularu's office and convey the information you obtained. Here, there will be two options - simply report what happened but still support Imogene or take Ularu's side and give her the evidence.

Ularu will reveal her plan in any case if you use the "Conviction" skill. After her explanation, make your choice: agree to help or refuse and go to Dalton.

In essence, you are making another choice for good or evil, which is quite common in Starfield. Players portraying a villainous and unscrupulous character may choose Ularu's side, while those aiming to be honest and just may side with Imogene.

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