Bethesda's projects such as Tes VI can become exclusive to PC and Xbox.

2 nov 2020 at 14:21

Very worrying news has come out for PlayStation 5 owners. There is a very high probability that some Zenimax, Bethesda games will not be released on PlayStation 5. This was made clear by Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's gaming division. As we all know, Microsoft acquired several major game studios, including Bethesda, a few months ago. They gave the developers complete creative freedom in all aspects. However, they themselves will decide which platforms the games will be released for, and PlayStation 5 is not included in that list.

According to Phil Spencer, they do not want to limit players. Their goal is to make their games accessible to as many players as possible because they do not like exclusives. However, he added that they already support a large number of platforms, including PC and Xbox, and developing a separate version for PS consumes both resources and effort. They do not want to deal with all of that, so it is quite likely that undisclosed projects from the studio will no longer be released on Sony consoles. The projects that were supposed to be released for PS5 from Bethesda will still be released. However, the projects that were not announced to be released on Sony consoles will remain "exclusives" for PC, Xbox, and possibly other platforms, but not for PS.

As expected, users had questions. Phil Spencer most often received questions about whether the Zenimax purchase (including Bethesda) would be profitable if developers do not release Tes VI, the new Fallout, and other games from this team on PS5. In response, Phil Spencer said:

The acquisition, the purchase of Bethesda, was not made to limit players' choice of platform. However, the games do not necessarily have to be released on PS5 to be profitable. The fact is that we already support a large number of platforms, including PC. Moreover, the games can still be obtained through a very affordable monthly subscription, so we believe that practically everyone who wants to can play the new games from Bethesda. We are not saying that no game will ever be released on Sony consoles. But not every game necessarily has to be released on PS5.
Author: Swordself14

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