Mod Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE Special Edition) - SKSE64 version 2.0.20 for Skyrim SE-AE

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  • Version2.0.20
  • Date17 september 2020
  • Date of update8 october 2021

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE Special Edition) - is a special plugin that extends the scripts of Skyrim SE. This tool is one of the most popular and without it a large number of mods simply will not work.


1. Download the archive;
2. Open the game folder (not Data, but the folder where Data is located);
3. Put all the contents of the SKSE64 folder (from the downloaded archive) into the game folder, agree to replace;
4. Launch the game through skse64_loader.exe;
5. Done!
Skyrim SE
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Version 2.0.19

Current version.
  • 12 july 2021
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Version 2.0.17
  • 17 september 2020
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