How to sell stolen items in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Pickpocketing is one of the skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that the main character can learn. You can steal items from the pockets of inattentive NPCs while also improving your Stealth skill. Stealing items will help you gain additional resources and money. We will also tell you where and to whom you can sell stolen goods.

How to Steal Items in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Initially, Henry does not have the Pickpocketing skill. You can learn it in Rattay at Peshek’s mill. You will meet the miller during the "Awakening" quest and will receive training after fulfilling his request. 

The process of stealing is a small mini-game with a limited amount of time to complete. The game looks like a circular menu with slots. By the way, you can practice pickpocketing on Peshek indefinitely in the future.

It is best to start leveling up your theft skill in a village among the peasants. Do not immediately go to the city where there are many people – you will be quickly detected and arrested. Try small coin thefts from the locals first. 

If you want to be quiet and not attract attention, try to sneak and remove your armor beforehand, as it makes extra noise and draws the attention of bystanders. 

To Whom to Sell Stolen Goods in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The problem with stolen goods is that not all merchants will agree to buy them from you. Some NPCs are too principled and may not only significantly lower the price of your goods but also call the guards, who will immediately seize you and throw you in jail. 

However, you will have no problems selling stolen goods to the miller Woyzeck Kohelnitz. You can meet him after completing the quest "The Good Thief". When you steal a ring for Peshek, he will ask you to take the item directly to the second miller – his good friend. Woyzeck will be absolutely loyal to stolen goods and will not lower the price. 

 Woyzeck can teach Henry the Stealth skill.
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