Fifth day of the event "Verdict of Blades" in Genshin Impact: best team compositions

9 sep 2023 at 13:19

"Verdict of Blades" in Genshin Impact is a combat event in version 4.0, where you need to battle various enemies against the clock. Each stage provides players with a new buff, which will determine the composition of your team. In this guide, we'll discuss the best teams to choose for completing the 5th stage of the "Verdict of Blades" event titled "Chains of Wrath."

Stage "Chains of Wrath" in the "Verdict of Blades" Event: Best Teams

As you may have noticed, during this stage, characters who perform normal, charged attacks, and falling attacks are buffed. Below, you can find examples of squads, but of course, our suggestions are not set in stone - you can easily adjust recommendations to suit your playstyle and the characters you have in your roster.

Teams with Scaramouche and Heizou:

  • Bennett / Scaramouche or Heizou / Faruzan / Xingqiu or E Lan

You can also choose other supports if the ones mentioned above are not available: Thoma, Zhongli, Xinyan, Diona, Yun Jin, Fischl, Rosaria.

Teams with Kazuha:

  • Kazuha / Bennett / Xingqiu or E Lan / Xiangling
  • Kazuha / Ayaka / Mona / Diona
  • Kazuha / Keqing / Beidou / Fischl
  • Kazuha / Kokomi / E Lan / Xingqiu

If you want Kazuha as a sub-DPS, then use any character to trigger elemental reactions: Raiden, Yao Yao, Ayaka, Mona, Gan Yu, Childe, and others.

Teams with Xiao:

  • Xiao / Zhongli / Bennett or Jin / Venti
  • Xiao / Albedo / Fischl / Jin
  • Xiao / Zhongli / Albedo or Geo mc / Jin or QiQi or Bennett
  • Xiao / Ganyu / E Lan or Xingqiu or Mona / QiQi or Diona

If none of these options fit, use your favorite Xiao team, as long as Xiao is part of it.

You can also use teams with the following characters: Eula, Yoimiya, Yanfei, Hu Tao, al-Haytham, Ningguang, Mona, Lyney
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