Friday Night Funkin' raised more than 2 million dollars on Kickstarter, much more than was required.

10 jun 2021 at 12:20

Players have really taken a liking to the game Friday Night Funkin. It is an indie game, and despite this, its popularity has managed to surpass many big projects. Every day, modmakers create dozens of mods and skins for FNF, and such activity can only be boasted by few games.

As everyone knows, the game is completely free. Updates were supposed to come from Kickstarter, where people simply collect money for the realization of certain projects. The developer of Friday Night Funkin also has a page on Kickstarter, and to update the game it was necessary to collect 60000$. And what a surprise the developer was when the users - fans of Friday Night Funkin managed to collect more than two million dollars, or more precisely - at the time of writing the article 2,247,641 $, and more than 58560 sponsors. 

In general, this is an absolute record of earnings for developers, and they on their Kickstarter page thanked all the players and sponsors who collected as much money as was enough for the update of the game, and for the life of all. The game will continue to develop - there is no doubt about it, the developers have already reported this, but we will talk about the upcoming updates in another article. 

Despite the fact that the goal has already been achieved, other goals have been set by the developer on Kickstarter. Now there is a goal to collect 10,000,000 $, for the development of a separate web version of the game, and of course the computer and mobile versions too. 

Author: Swordself14

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