The code for the secret song in FNF Brightside Mod is "SILENCE" and to open the secret level, you need to enter the code in the main menu.

12 apr 2021 at 14:05

Despite the fact that the mod author wanted to keep the intrigue and create a quest for players - not all fans of Friday Night Funkin are good at English and can solve the riddle. 

In this guide we will reveal to you the code for the fifth secret song of the brightside mod in the game Friday Night Funkin!

What is the code for the secret song in FNF 

Well, the hint is hidden in the video below. If you are good at the language, then you can easily try to guess the code to open the secret level yourself. 

In this case, we warn that below is a spoiler!

So, the code for the secret song of the brightside mod - iamafool.

Author: Niysha

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