The Best Songs in Friday Night Funkin'

27 apr 2021 at 16:14

In the current version of Friday Night Funkin', a huge number of viral tracks have been added, which you can download for free here.

Be sure to first customize the controls to your liking, and then start jamming to the best songs in Friday Night Funkin'.

Top Best Songs in FNF


One of the first but no less viral tracks in FNF. The song unfolds in the form of a dialogue, teaching the player the most basic rules of successful rap battles. Despite its ease of execution, Tutorial definitely deserves a place in our top list.


Everyone loves these cute little spooky guys! Luckily, we can dance and jam along with them, battling for our Girlfriend. Spooky-sounding riffs drive the thunderous rhythm forward with lively bass and emotional struggle between opponents and our Boyfriend.


Pico's electronic vocal elements have conquered more than one player. Indeed, this track has rightfully found its place in our article - the ease of execution and the energetic melody greatly enhance the gaming atmosphere.


This is an epic battle between Boyfriend and his Girlfriend's formidable father - the song definitely carries that energy. Blurry electronic vocals pass through fast melodic verses before the epic and slow chorus gives you and your Boyfriend a chance to catch your breath.

Winter Horrorland

The horrifying song lyrics coincide with an equally terrifying creature that sings about human skin, snowmen, and a smiling Boyfriend. The electronic-sounding organ also adds a lot of creepiness to this track...

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Author: Niysha

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